Winter Blues by John Cali

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It may seem strange to be talking about winter in the middle of August. But it is winter in the southern hemisphere. And here in the high rugged mountains of Wyoming, despite what the calendar says, cold weather’s fast approaching.
John Cali

I grew up in western New York State, which is known for its fierce winters. And now I live in northwestern Wyoming, not exactly a safe haven from cold weather.

Oddly enough, though, I love winter. That probably sounds weird and crazy to those of you who worship the sun.

I used to hate the hot summers we had in New York. About every June 1 I’d start making myself miserable in anticipation of the approaching summer. Summer’s still not my favorite season. But I’ve made peace with it, and now actually enjoy it almost as much as winter.

We wrote an article on this topic several years ago. But we thought it a good idea to revisit the subject.

Here’s Spirit.

As we said in that past article, and have said many times since, you are in control of your lives. Not the weather, not the world, not other people, not your “luck” (“good” or “bad”). But you alone.

To allow yourselves to be whipped about by the whims of the weather — or anything else outside yourselves — is to deny your own power and wisdom. It is to deny the divine part of you. It is to deny God — for you are all God.

Now, we are not saying outside influences, human or otherwise, do not have an effect on you. They certainly do.

For example, if the weather outside is wintry, then you dress appropriately when you venture out.

But to make yourselves miserable and unhappy because of the weather is to give up the considerable power you have to be happy and to create the reality you want.

You cannot control the weather. (Well, you can. But that’s another subject for another day.) But you can choose to be happy no matter what’s happening around you.

If you find it challenging to be happy in the middle of winder, for example, you can at least find something — anything — in your lives to feel good about. As you say, count your blessings. Think about your warm cozy fireside and not the winter storm raging outside.

It’s all a matter of perspective. And you are in control of whatever perspective you choose. That€™s the point we’re making here today — you can choose to be happy or you can choose not to be happy.

No one — no outside force — nothing except you yourselves are in control of your perspective or your lives.

Sure, you can choose to have the winter blues. Or you can choose to be happy. We’d suggest you get happy.


What are some of the ways you help yourself when you feel down or blue?
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