Yard Sale by John Cali

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John Cali

Well, folks, this is the time of year when thoughts turn to summer and, yes, to yard sales. At least here in the USA.

This morning, as I was returning home from jogging, I spotted a sign by the side of the road. The lettering was big and brightly colored. It really caught your eye.

This road is an especially well travelled one in my little mountain town. Well travelled because the summer tourists are beginning to flock into Yellowstone National Park, a few miles west of here.

But there was one problem. All the sign said was “Yard Sale.” No directions. No arrows. No phone numbers. No addresses.

If indeed there was a yard sale, nobody could have figured out where it was. I wondered if the creator of the sign really expected any results. S/he probably did, and then wondered why nobody showed up.

Isn’t this what we humans often do when we want to manifest something in our lives?

Here’s Spirit.


You live in an abundant Universe. A Universe filled to overflowing with all you could ever want or need. There is no lack of anything–not money, not good health, not peace, not loving relationships, not the perfect home, not the perfect job, not the perfect lover.

And yet there appears to be lack everywhere you look. Are not your news media filled with “hard evidence” of lack?

There is no peace on earth. There is more poverty than abundance. Loving relationships are rare. Money is scarce. Life is hard. And it’s getting harder every day.

Or so the news media would have you believe.

But none of that has anything to do with you. Unless you let it monopolize your focus, your attention.

Many of you hold vague, undefined hopes. Hope for peace on earth. Hope for more money. Hope for better health. Hope for your perfect lover. Hope for your perfect job. And so on.

But often that’s all you have–only hope.

You haven’t clearly defined what you want. You just have a yearning for something better.

And since you haven’t defined in your own mind, and in your words and wishes, what you truly want, the Universe answers you in kind. It gives you nothing because you’ve asked for nothing.

But when you get clear on what you want, and you spell it out in as much detail as feels good to you–ah, then you can have it all!

You’ve put out your “yard sale” sign, and you’ve included all the necessary details. And the Universe responds instantly to whatever you ask for. Instantly!

Now all you have to do is wait for all the traffic–all the “goodies”–to flow. Your “yard sale” sign is detailed and specific. And the Universe will deliver.

We guarantee it.

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