Your Higher Self by John Cali

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One of the responses to last week’s newsletter article, “Depression,” asked how Spirit and I define the term “higher self.”

John Cali

Here are some excerpts from our reader’s response, and her question.

Hi John:

Thanks for today’s newsletter. I enjoyed it as always.

I’ve got a question for you. How do you define your “higher self?” I’ve heard it defined as your God self, but do you communicate with yours? Is it something you should be in touch with every day?

This is an interesting subject to me, as I communicate with someone else’s higher self regularly and don’t seem to have any communication with my own.

So, this is a question I’ve been throwing around for awhile, and I’m looking forward to the responses!


I didn’t reply directly to Sherri’s email, except to ask her permission to use it for this newsletter. But to respond to her question “. . . do you communicate with yours?” (my higher self), the answer is “Yes, all the time.”

Here’s Spirit.


You cannot get away from your higher self. You cannot disconnect from your higher self. Ever!

But you can certainly be misaligned, if you will. That misalignment comes from your unbelief — your lack of belief in the reality of your higher self, or in your lack of belief in your ability to connect consciously with your higher self.

Friends, as we just said, you cannot get away from your higher self.

Your higher self is you. You are your higher self. That is a fact of life. When you go anywhere in your physical body, wherever you go, there you are. You cannot get away from your physical body (until you die). So too, you cannot get away from your higher self. Ever, whether you are “alive” or “dead.”

We think the root of the issue here is you get so focused on your physical, material world, you forget who you really are. Who you are is a divine being of light and love who happens to be in a physical body at the moment, because you decided to have a little fun dabbling, if you will, in the physical world.

You have done this over many lifetimes. You do it simply because your higher self thinks there might be some fun here — and also some grand opportunities for growth.

We cannot stress this too much — you are always connected to your higher self. Your higher self is always available to you — to that human aspect of you that you identify as you.

Your higher self is always communicating with you, and in all ways. You’re just not always open to that communication. Especially if you do not believe in your ability to have the communication in the first place.

Your higher self is your God self — that part of you that exists eternally. You and God/Goddess are one and the same.

We know this God self is sometimes hard for your human mind to grasp and understand. But any time you have a hunch, a premonition, an inspiration, a sense of something you could not consciously know — these are all communications from your higher self.

When, for example, Sherri says she’s in touch with someone else’s higher self, but cannot connect with her own — she is in touch with her own higher self. If she wasn’t, she couldn’t connect with that other person’s higher self. When John channels us, he’s communicating with and through his higher self.

Every communication you have comes through the “filter” of your higher self. Your higher self is there always, fully aware of everything you, the human, are experiencing in every present moment.

Sherri asked if she should be in touch with her higher self every day. Yes! In fact, she cannot avoid being in touch every day. Yet it obviously feels to her as if she is not in touch. But if she was not, she could not communicate with someone else’s higher self.

As we said earlier, all communication comes through the “filter” of your higher self. Your higher self is always there for you — loving you, adoring you always, ready to help you if you are ready to receive.

That, friends, is the “bottom line” here — your readiness to receive from your higher self. Once you are ready and willing, you will be amazed at the flood of communication from your higher self. You will be amazed at the deep sense of well being flooding your awareness.

Then you will know all is well.

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