2012:The End of the World by John Cali

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This is an article we published in our old blog. But there are still a lot of “doom and gloom” scenarios of 2012 floating around on the internet. Here’s a more positive perspective. I’ve slightly edited the article to fit the current times.


A few years ago one of our clients asked my spirit guides what was going to happen after December 21, 2012. You probably know that’s supposedly the end of the Mayan calendar, the day our world will end. Many are fearing and dreading that date. You may be one of them.

The guides’ answer was short and simple, “Nothing, except January 2013 will follow.”

Last July I took part in the Crimson Circle’s Midsummer Conference. One of the speakers, known to many of you, was Lee Carroll, channel for Kryon. Lee gave us a fascinating talk about 2012. He’d obviously done a lot of research and then put together a powerful slide show.

I want to briefly summarize his talk here. If you have any fears about 2012, hopefully Lee’s words will put those fears to rest for good

The year 2012 is supposed to be a galactic alignment, one that’s been on its way thousands of years. But Hollywood has taken this event, hyped it, and made it into a movie, 2012. In the process they’ve instilled fear and dread into anyone who listens to them. At the conference Lee showed us the trailer for the movie.

If you believe the Hollywood hype, you’re probably convinced we’re all going to die on December 21, 2012 in a catastrophic horror the likes of which the universe has never before seen.

The root of this myth is the popular belief the Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012. But it doesn’t. Overwhelming evidence exists they intended to continue the calendar beyond that date. But for various reasons, possibly because they were facing famine, they had to move, and the calendar was never finished.

The Mayans were, for their time, very sophisticated astronomers. They were also very spiritual in their own way. Based on their calculations, they predicted this planet would be moving into one of the highest vibrations it had ever known. They did not predict doom and gloom. Just the opposite

Lee’s “big secret” was the Mayans calculated the galactic alignment without our modern technology. They had no telescopes or computers. Today we do.

Modern astronomers, using telescopes and computers, can calculate the galactic alignment far more precisely than the Mayans.

Their conclusion? The galactic alignment happened in 1998!

The year 2012, Lee said, is a “paper tiger” because it all happened in 1998. And we’re all still here.

If you want to get Lee’s entire talk, it’s available at The Crimson Circle.
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