A Story of Healing by John Cali

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Last week we told you the story of my old friend Harry. The day after we published that story another old friend, Michael, told me a powerfully poignant story of healing.
John Cali

Many years ago Michael met a woman named Sarah. There was an instant rapport and attraction between them. Although they remained friends the next fifteen years or so, it was a roller-coaster, up-and-down relationship.

They were never lovers, but they shared all the intimacies of lovers except sex. There was a whole lot of love there, despite their frequent clashes.

Eventually Sarah moved far away. Their last meeting was intense and uncomfortable for both. They felt a deep sadness, for they had not healed the years-long rift between them.

The years passed with only an occasional short letter between them.

One day Michael received a phone call from a friend of Sarah’s. Sarah had died unexpectedly. Michael, who does not have a hard time with death, again felt a deep sadness. Not because Sarah had died, but because they’d never healed their relationship.

One night about six months later Sarah came to Michael in a dream. She told him how much she loved him, and she would always be there with him. She looked as young and beautiful as when they’d first met all those years ago.

Michael awoke the next morning with vivid recall of the dream. After such a long time he finally felt at peace with Sarah. Their healing was complete.

Note: I occasionally have some idea of what Spirit is going to say before we do these messages. But today’s message was not at all what I thought it would be, and it was much shorter than I’d expected.

Here’s Spirit.

You don’t have to wait until one of you dies before you can heal a relationship with someone you love. Although that’s often what happens, as with Michael and Sarah.

Michael was fortunate in having Sarah come to him in that dream. Often even that does not happen with humans, and therefore the healing is not complete until both meet again in spirit.

Nonetheless, healing always happens, whether in life or after death. You cannot lose those you love, even if you carry on your lives immersed in the bitterness of a relationship gone sour.

Knowing that should bring comfort to those of you in such a situation.

And know this too: If one of you has died, the other can talk to the one in spirit and bring healing to the relationship. That would be infinitely better than waiting for a dream or for both of you to be dead.

Friends, love is eternal. You are eternal. Allow the healing to come to you — seek it out, create it. Then you won’t have to spend even one day — or many years, as with Michael and Sarah — living with regret and sadness.

Your loved ones never leave you, nor does your love ever die. All is well.

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