An Ancient Culture of Peace

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Peace of the Himalayas

We often speak of creating peace on earth. But how many nations and cultures truly promote peace among all the earth’s people? Perhaps they are looking for the key to creating peace in all the wrong places.


The only way you can create peace on earth is to first create it within yourself. Many miss the importance of that statement. And yet you have the key to creating that peace within, almost literally at your fingertips.

Your soul, or spirit, lives always in a state of perfect peace. It is a state you might describe as a deep meditative place. Yet it also is full awareness of your total reality and existence in the moment.

If you are fully present in the moment with love, there can be no pain, no sorrow. There can be nothing but total peace. The peace, as your Bible says, that surpasses all understanding.


Martin Buzora is a multi-talented young filmmaker. One of his latest projects is a short, beautiful film about 9-year-old Pema, a Tibetan girl living in the Himalayas with her family of nomads.

They live in an ancient culture of peace. Pema is a wise old soul, articulate beyond her years. As she says in the film, “Peace is all around me.”

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Do you struggle to find peace in your life? What can you do to change that?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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