Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. ~ Hebrews 13:2


A couple of weeks ago, I was walking out to my mailbox. Since I live in a remote area, it’s a long walk. There’s only one house between my house and the mailbox.

As I passed that house, I heard someone cry out to me. I looked over and saw a cute, dark-haired little boy waving at me. I thought it was strange, having never seen him before. He looked to be about four years old. So, on the way back from the mailbox, I stopped to chat with the little fellow.

He said his name was Carlos, and we had a nice chat. Carlos had been playing with a little dog, who was just as friendly and cute as the boy. I’d seen the dog before, but never the boy. There was something almost mystical about Carlos. Maybe it was because he reminded me of my son when he was about the same age.

After five or six minutes, we said goodbye. He and the dog ran off, and I finished the last part of my walk home. I felt strangely uplifted, just from my short chat with Carlos.

The next day I was walking out to my mailbox again. As I walked past Carlos’ house, I saw a young woman in the yard. I’d seen her before. Her name was Lydia. Since most folks around here are friendly and helpful, I decided to stop and ask her about Carlos.

When I mentioned Carlos’s name, Lydia had a blank look on her face. So I described him to her, saying I thought he was her son.

“I have no son,” she replied.

Did she have a relative or friend visiting yesterday who could have been Carlos’s parent? No, she did not. Then she added, “And there was no little boy here yesterday.”

I thanked her and left.

Who was that little boy? Did I just imagine him?

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