Angels In Our Midst

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Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. ~ Hebrews 13:2


A couple of weeks ago, I was walking out to my mailbox. Since I live in a remote area, it’s a long walk. There’s only one house between my house and the mailbox.

As I passed that house, I heard someone cry out to me. I looked over and saw a cute, dark-haired little boy waving at me. I thought it was strange, having never seen him before. He looked to be about four years old. So, on the way back from the mailbox, I stopped to chat with the little fellow.

He said his name was Carlos, and we had a nice chat. Carlos had been playing with a little dog, who was just as friendly and cute as the boy. I’d seen the dog before, but never the boy. There was something almost mystical about Carlos. Maybe it was because he reminded me of my son when he was about the same age.

After five or six minutes, we said goodbye. He and the dog ran off, and I finished the last part of my walk home. I felt strangely uplifted, just from my short chat with Carlos.

The next day I was walking out to my mailbox again. As I walked past Carlos’ house, I saw a young woman in the yard. I’d seen her before. Her name was Lydia. Since most folks around here are friendly and helpful, I decided to stop and ask her about Carlos.

When I mentioned Carlos’s name, Lydia had a blank look on her face. So I described him to her, saying I thought he was her son.

“I have no son,” she replied.

Did she have a relative or friend visiting yesterday who could have been Carlos’s parent? No, she did not. Then she added, “And there was no little boy here yesterday.”

I thanked her and left.

Who was that little boy? Did I just imagine him?

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Are angels real? This man certainly believes they are, especially after an angel saved his life.


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28 Responses

  1. Pat

    You bet — thank you, John.

    P.S. FYI wanted you to know. I’m unable to reply appropriately to your comments. When I click on reply to your comment, it doesn’t take me anywhere. My info is just prefilled in the comment area below and brings up a new comment when I reply.

    • John Cali

      You’re welcome, Pat. I’m sure I’ll love it — I printed it and will read it today.

  2. L

    What a beautiful story he tells. A very special encounter.

  3. Mikala

    George, I always love your comments. Thanks!

  4. Mikala

    It took me some time to decide how to answer this. I have seen angels since I was 3-4 years old. Sometimes they came just to stand there and smile at me, then kind of float away. I have always felt them when I was in fear.
    I have been in many countries, and in those times, I could see and hear them around me. One time when I was young, my mom, dad, sister and I were in the car traveling to another part of our family. It was raining very hard and we had to cross an old wood bridge. It didn’t look good as the water was touching the bottom of the bridge. My mom wanted to turn back, but it was a long way to the nearest town, so my dad decided to cross. Dad said, “Say your prayers, girls.” We did, and we got across the bridge, just before it went down in the river. I turned back and saw two white foggy “people” behind us. I knew what they were. I thanked them as they were going away.
    I have had a blessed life with those who are here to help us make the best decisions, the right road to take, and to take fear away.

    “You are not alone, you have never been alone, and you will never be alone.”
    God’s Promise.

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Mikala. I do clearly remember that you’ve been seeing angels for years now. How blessed you are!

      What a beautiful story of the angels at the bridge! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Indeed, we are never, ever alone!

  5. Pat

    So lovely when we have those encounters . . . some just fun with the little boy playing with his dog and others when we’re in grave need. It’s a comfort realizing they’re there all the time.

    I had an encounter when my children were little. I was in a grocery store with them and a friend and my younger daughter went to stand up in an empty cart while I was turned away looking at something. The cart tipped over and a man came out of nowhere in between us and the cart and caught her 2 inches from the floor. It all happened so fast and when I turned to thank him, after recovering and to check her out, he was gone. I posted a story about it on my site called “Entertaining Angels Unawares”. (I can leave a link if anyone is interested in reading it.)

    It’s a wonderful feeling and experience when you’re a part of something like that and, you’re right, when we’re open we see more evidence of it.

    Thank you, John, for the post and reminding me.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Pat, for sharing your beautiful angel story. As you say, sometimes the angels show up just to play, and other times when we’re in dire need. It certainly is comforting to know they are there all the time.

      Please do leave a link to your story. I’d love to read it. It’s very kind of you to offer it.

  6. George Ball

    Yes to angels. I have had several experiences that seemed to involve angels. They don’t appear as angels with wings. It’s just that something good happens in a magical way. One was a young lady who appeared at a square dance and said her name was Ariel. I have “heard” messages from her since then. Lately, I have been neglecting my spiritual practice but enjoying my continued good health and family and friends connections. I’m kind of taking the view that a guy who reaches the age of 83 can do whatever he damn well feels like (while, of course, being kind to others.) Love, George

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, George, for sharing that beautiful story. All we have to do is open our spiritual eyes, and we’ll see the angels are all around us. I’m delighted to hear you feel comfortable doing whatever you “damn well” please. 🙂

      Love, John

  7. Martha

    Beautiful story, Lisa.
    Angels in our midst.. There are no bad neighborhoods.

  8. Martha

    My mother used to say that I used to stand up backwards in my carriage talking to all the people with ” those big brown shiny eyes that used to stop traffic”.
    Ive been talking to “strangers” ( and I agree, there are none) all my life — so there’s no telling HOW Angels I may have entertained without realizing it.
    I love that word ” entertain” because I am a singer songwriter and am known to break out my ukelele and share a song or two for perfect “strangers”. Just friends I haven’t’ met yet. We are all God’s children. One Human Family.

  9. JoAnn Berge

    Thank you for this uplifting reminder!

  10. Lisa

    When I lived in Philadelphia, I was taking my the husband to the airport. I was very aprehensive because of the horrendous traffic and finding my way back to our apartment. Well I got in the wrong lane and ended up in deep downtown in a bad neighborhood. I was sitting in my truck crying because I was so lost. I short black man came up to my window and asked me if I was a Christian and said God sent me to you to help you. You must leave this neighborhood, you are not safe. He got in my truck and he struggled to get me back where I needed to be. He got out of my truck and I turned around to say thank you and he was gone! There was no place for him to go. I was at an exit area. He just disappeared. I will never forget that experience.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Lisa — what a beautiful story! Angels truly are always there for us.

  11. Martha

    P. S.
    Amazing that this happened just a couple of weeks ago! Was this before or after your sister’s husband’s passing?

  12. Martha

    WOW, John.
    Thank you. Such beautiful stories; yours and then the Englishman’s. What I love most was the loving peaceful wonderment this man exuded as he told his story. What surprised me was that the policeman were able to see his angel.
    Your story about Carlos feels as true to me as any story I have heard. I wonder what the guides had to say about him?

    Lastly, the ” be not forgetful to entertain strangers..” has long been a favorite of mine though I did not realize it was from Hebrews.
    Bless you, Brother John. Wishing your sister comfort during her time of grieving. I’m sure your loving presence is helping her to recover from the terrible shock of losing her husband so suddenly. Now he is with the angels in Heaven and you are being an Angel for her here on Earth.

    • John Cali

      Thanks again, Martha. I’ve come to understand there are no strangers. As A Course in Miracles says. we are all one with God. It’s just that many folks are blind to that fact of life. But it’s changing for the better.

      My sister is doing much better, after having gotten past the initial shock. She has many family and friends around her, plus a deep spiritual faith. She’ll be fine.

      Lots of love to you, dear,

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