Animals and the Afterlife by John Cali

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Over the years many people have asked Spirit about their beloved pets who have died.

John Cali


We easily believe we humans continue on after physical death. But we sometimes wonder about our animal family. Just this past week several of our friends have experienced the death of a pet.

If you’re animal lover, as I am, you know the heartbreak and pain of losing the physical presence of a beloved pet.

A few years ago Spirit and I wrote an article, Hans Was Here, about the death of one of our family dogs. Many people have found comfort in Spirit’s words in that article.

So for those of you who have experienced a pet’s death, or will one day, I hope you’ll also find peace and comfort in Spirit’s words of reassurance.

If you’ve already read the article, you may want to read it again, as a reminder. The article is included as part of another article, Heart To Heart. If you have not seen it, you’ll find it here.


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