Animals in Life and the Afterlife

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The more we learn of the true nature of non-human animals, especially those with complex brains and corresponding social behavior, the more ethical concerns are raised regarding their use in the service of man—whether this be in entertainment, as “pets,” for food, in research laboratories, or any other uses to which we subject them. ~ Jane Goodall, British anthropologist



I realize the topic of animal welfare is often a contentious and confusing one. There are various aspects to consider, as Jane Goodall clearly states above. But I also believe most of us on a conscious spiritual path do, at the least, give thoughtful, compassionate consideration to all animals. Or, to borrow a phrase from British author, James Herriot, “all creatures great and small.”

We recently received a letter from one of our readers. Here is a slightly edited excerpt from that letter:

Is there a possibility you can talk about the subject of what happens to animals who are victims of humanity in the afterlife? For example, (animals used for) food, entertainment, testing, as companions.

I’m really hoping there is some type of reward for them when they go home. I truly feel they are undercover angels and are an important path to help us evolve our souls. I could be wrong. But I was hoping you could explain what happens to the billions who lose their lives each year.

Whenever we talk about animals, I always remember the words of Dr. Albert Schweitzer: “If a man loses his reverence for any part of life, he will lose his reverence for all of life.”

My spirit guides are particularly fond of animals, and have talked about them many times.

Our reader, in her letter above, said she hopes animals are rewarded “when they go home.” She also said, “I truly feel they are undercover angels and are an important path to help us evolve our souls.”

My spirit guides have addressed all those points in their messages over the years. Here, in no particular order, are some of their thoughts:

  • Animals are one of the greatest gifts humanity has ever received.
  • Animals are not in your lives solely for your entertainment, though they certainly do entertain you. More importantly, they are here as your greatest teachers and, often, your healers.
  • Animals help you see life from a whole new perspective, from that wise and broad perspective they have.
  • Animals teach you how to live more fully in the present moment.
  • You are all one—humans, animals, plants, all your Mother Earth.
  • One difference between animals and humans is animals are uninhibited. They know who they are. All they want to do is simply be who they are.
  • Animals, in their naturally uninhibited, unlimited being, radiate an energy, love and joy that can touch even the most hardened human hearts.
  • Animals teach you to love unconditionally, finding joy, passion and pleasure in every moment of their physical lives.
  • Animals have no fear of illness or death. And, more importantly, they have no fear of life.
  • Animals have no doubts about their worthiness. They know they are worthy. They know they are God.
  • Animals have spirits, or souls, just as real, divine and deserving of respect and love as humans’ souls.
  • Animals have intense feelings and emotions, just as humans do. You often miss that.
  • Your animal family are always with you. Your relationships with them continue beyond the veil of death. You never lose those you love, human or animal.
  • As with humans who pass back into spirit, animals enter into that eternal and blissful state you will all know.

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I realize by posting this video, I’ll probably be criticized by some. But I think most of you reading this will see the relevance of the video.


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4 Responses

  1. Ron B.

    A very good friend of mine, age 75, has a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and has had it since she was a young child. Yet I can confirm that as a spiritual teacher once told her that she can see very well indeed. The doctors don´t believe it is possible but the law of attraction is very powerful. All our senses receive information, data, just like a computer does, ones and zeroes so to speak. Now animals depending on the degree of desire they have to receive that data and their emotions (mood) do get the messages. I verify this very often, almost every day with Honey, our cocker spaniel. What does she have the strong desire to know? Mostly when I am coming with a special treat. Even if she is ¨sleeping¨ and I have the thought (not sure if she sent it or not, lol) the moment I get up off my chair with the intent to go and get it in another room, she ¨awakens¨ and begins to excitedly scratch at the patio window in eager anticipation. Our daughter, Sara, claims that Honey can smell the treat. Yet smell is also a data-receiving mechanism
    I bet psychic abilities are similar, a combination of intent or desire and powerful allowing in a loving climate(lack of fear).

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Ron for your interesting comments. I agree with you — that combination of intent, desire and allowing is powerful.

  2. Ron B.

    Animals were created for the same reason humns were depending on how far back you want to go, to expand the ¨universe¨ or better put to expand God. Why? Because either there is expansion and life or stagnancy and elimination or death.

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