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In the US, when we say someone has an “attitude,” we usually mean he or she is arrogant, opinionated, or just generally obnoxious. It’s as if having an attitude is a “bad” thing. But there are also “good” attitudes.
John Cali

A stunningly beautiful example of a good attitude is a young man named Nick Vujicic. Nick was born with no arms or legs. If you want to be inspired and uplifted, watch this short video of Nick. Then read what Spirit has to say.

Here’s Spirit.

Often we have folks coming to us wondering how they’re ever going to get through and past their life challenges and problems. Sometimes they wonder how they’re even going to get through the day. Life has lost the luster it once held for them.

You all came into this physical lifetime with your own special circumstances — circumstances you, as your higher self, chose before you incarnated. Rarely are those circumstances close to what you’d consider ideal from your human perspective, no matter how blessed or cursed your society considers your circumstances.

We see so many of you creating even more challenges and difficulties than you were born with. For example, how many of you truly love your bodies? Or do you constantly look for flaws and imperfections even if, by your society’s impossible standards, you are beautiful? How many beautiful women, young and older, starve their bodies because they’re not Hollywood-thin?

How many judge themselves as “less than” because they don’t have wealth, health, happy relationships?

You are so quick to condemn yourselves, to put yourselves down, and to thereby create sad, depressed lives, dragging yourselves through life, struggling from one day to the next.

So what’s the answer? Simply, an attitude of appreciation.

Appreciation of yourselves. When you remember who you are and why you’re here, the appreciation and love you feel for yourselves will flow easily and effortlessly. You will move through your days with joy, eagerly anticipating the next day and the next and….

The young man in the video John mentioned is a perfect role model for you all. Despite his physical condition, he is not limited by that condition. He is filled with joy and a zest for life — a deep appreciation and love for himself and for all his sisters and brothers on the planet.

Appreciate yourselves just as you are, where you are, how you are. Then the universe will bring you more and more to appreciate and love.

The only limitations you have are those you create in your minds. They are not real. God has no limitations. You are God. Therefore….

The key to all you search for is in loving yourselves totally, unconditionally, always. Then you will find the joy of life — and the reason you came here to begin with.


What kind of attitude do you have toward yourself?
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