Beyond the Veil of Death

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To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure. ~ J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter

angel on the road to heaven

Angel on the Road to Heaven

You may remember David Thomas and Matt Klinck, the filmmakers of Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America. David recently told me about Matt’s seemingly untimely death.

Two months ago, Matt was murdered in Belize, where he had a film production company. As you might expect, his death came as a huge shock to David, and to me also. We were both friends with Matt.

Matt was young, successful in his career, and one of the happiest, most upbeat people on the planet. When David talked with him shortly before his death, he seemed very happy.

David asked me if my spirit guides might have something to say about this sad event. Here, with David’s permission, is what they said.

David, we’re not going to say anything here today you do not already know. What we are going to say, however, may bring you some peace—and perhaps a bit of insight into this event.

We realize, from your human perspective, Matt’s passing is tragic. Especially because, as you said (to Johnny), he was only 37.

You know physical age is no indication of anything important. It’s only the number of years your physical bodies have been incarnated this time around.

You have young souls in old bodies. You have old souls in old bodies. You have young souls in young bodies. And you have old souls in young bodies.

Matt was an old soul in a young body.

David, as you mentioned to Johnny, Matt was always upbeat and positive. And he inspired many people, younger souls especially, with his powerful and positive energy. He inspired people through his film work. His work will live on many more years.

But he had decided to leave this particular physical life for his own reasons.

First, he felt he could continue his work from “the other side.” How? For one thing, by being available to filmmakers like you, David, to help you in your work.

That’s one reason.

Another has to do with the two young men arrested for his murder. They are very young souls. And we mean REALLY YOUNG!

The three of them had decided, on a soul level, to cooperate in this event.

Now, we know that sounds crazy to the human mind. But this was truly a soul agreement from many lifetimes ago. They have each now fulfilled that agreement.

As we have often said, every death is a suicide, in the sense you all decide the timing and manner of your passing. Not perhaps in what you might think of as a deliberate and conscious manner. But you nonetheless make that decision. It’s always the right decision FOR YOU.

We hope you will find some degree of peace and closure here. Matt is fine, as happy as ever. He wants you to know that, David.

What are your views of death—that of others, and of your own inevitable passing. Do you fear death? Do you look forward to it?

Please share your thoughts with us below.


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In this video, Your Death Will Never Be a Surprise to You, Esther Hicks and Abraham discuss this subject so many find frightening. As usual, Abraham makes light of death, and says it’s not all that serious. I think you’ll find it quite interesting. I did.


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6 Responses

  1. George Ball

    Death is fine. However, some deaths can come only after a long and painful illness. Some places in the US and other countries allow for medically accelerating the inevitable death of the ill person. The book about this is “Final Exit.” However, Johnny, you must stay active until I die. Deal?

    • John Cali

      Thanks, George. I don’t plan to leave the planet any time soon. Got too much left to do. 🙂 So I’ll be around a long time yet. I hope you will be too.

      BTW, I love that book, Final Exit, and highly recommend it to anyone thinking about end-of-life issues.

  2. Pat

    I have gotten the impression that what the Teachers mean by “young souls” is that they are newly experiencing a physical experience and are, could we say “bowled over” by what we might call the darker aspects of it—the ability to use force or abuse or exploitation to exert power-over in some way. I think my father, and particularly my stepfather, fell into this category. Am I perceiving this more or less correctly?

    • John Cali

      Well, Pat, that’s the way I and my spirit guides see “young souls” — those new to physical experience, or at least physical experience on Planet Earth.

      Of course, linear time doesn’t exist in the world of spirit. So those terms, “young soul” and “old soul,” are simply convenient ways for us humans to talk about this subject.

      That’s our perspective — hope it helps.

  3. jean

    I know when I pass on it will be my choice and no other no matter the circumstance. I know that I can override any choice within the moment that I may face death because I’ve done it. I simply said no and I went on. One time I was a child and I was asked to stay whether by my future self or by my Spirit within I am not sure. I stayed and there was no pain that I remember. So no one can kill me unless in the moment I decided ok I will go along. No car or truck can take my life unless I say within my self ok. When I’m really, honestly ready to pass beyond the veil I will do it with a smile and a laugh of joy. But not for some time yet, I have so much to explore in this life, more to understand about the other side and I need to trust myself to be who I need to be for me and no one else.

    I know you will miss your friend but the veil is thin and we can hear them. Life is eternal and death but a door we enter.

    love and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jeannie. As you said, the veil is thin. And it’s getting thinner.

      Love & hugs,

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