Compassion and Connection

Nothing you can ever do or say – or even think – can be done in a vacuum, if you will. Everything – and every thing – you do, say, or think affects the entire planet, quite literally – and even goes beyond the boundaries of your planet.

Each of you is connected to all that is. That is not simply a hypothetical concept or theory. It’s a fact – even when you are feeling lost, alone, isolated you are still intimately connected to all that is.

Your energy – whether it be expressed in words, thoughts, or deeds – is always moving out into your environment – first to your immediate environment, then to the nearby environment, and ultimately to the entire planet. And even into what you call outer space.

Every being in all of creation is affected by your every thought, word, and deed. Are you feeling angry, sad, happy, joyful, frustrated, lonely, blissful – whatever – as you read this? Whatever your energy is, it cannot get “stuck” at its source (you, in this case). Energy, by its very nature, is always flowing.

Even though you may feel stuck, your energy is not. Every kind thought you have will touch someone and uplift them. Every angry word you utter will touch someone. Every good deed you do will touch someone. All you do affects all that is.

We are not asking you to “stuff” or deny your so-called negative energy – whether it be expressed as anger, resentment, hatred, or whatever. We are simply asking you to be aware of your energy at all times. It is a habit you can cultivate.

With this growing awareness will come an expanding sense of compassion. Compassion for yourself, your loved ones, your friends—even your enemies—and, ultimately, for all beings.

With this compassionate awareness, in turn, will come a growing and deepening sense of connection with all beings. None of you can exist alone, even if you wanted to. Each and every one of you are one with all that is. It cannot be otherwise.

Copyright © 2021 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


This video features one of our favorite people, Roman Catholic Jesuit priest Gregory Boyle. Father Greg speaks of compassion in a powerful way that may have some of our readers crying.

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  1. Jeannie

    One thought can raise us, one thought can defeat us. One thought can enlighten the world and one darken it. So what we think is good or bad and you can choose which one to have.

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