Contacting Your Spirit Guides

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A while ago, a reader asked us this question:

How can I contact my spirit guides, or know when they’re there?

That’s a good question, one which many folks have.


Your spirit guides are always there. They are part of you, and can never leave you.

You’ve probably heard that all humans are one with one another. But, beyond that, they are one with Creator or God—or whatever term you prefer for divine energy.

There are limitless ways your spirit guides can connect with you. But the primary way is through your own intuition, your own inner guidance. Obviously, that means you need to trust yourself.

The lack of trust in yourself is perhaps the greatest block to fully and consciously communicating with your spirit guides.

There are many ways of moving past that block. One powerful way is to meditate regularly.

When you move beyond your blocks, a whole new awareness, a new world, will open up for you. You will receive clear and powerful answers to whatever questions you, or others, have for your spirit guides.

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In this video, renowned channel John Edward gives us a brief overview of exactly what spirit guides do.

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