Death by John Cali


Two of our family members recently died. So I’ve been thinking about death lately. Though not in any morbid, depressing way — as strange as this may sound, I’ve almost always found funerals joyful.

John Cali

Last week I was browsing through The Washington Post. I have no interest in all the negative news, celebrity gossip, political speculation, and that sort of stuff. But I do read articles I find interesting.

So it didn’t surprise me, since I’d been thinking so much about death, to find three full-length articles on the subject in just one edition of the newspaper. It was no “coincidence” that the Universe delivered to me more of what I’d been thinking about. Spirit talks about that subject often.

Death is another subject Spirit discusses often. Death is such a huge challenge for many humans, if not most. Their own deaths and the deaths of their loved ones, even their pets.

Spirit said in a recent interview “Dying is the easiest thing you will ever do.” Intriguing statement!

Here’s Spirit.


Death is not the monster you have made it out to be. It appears to be a monster, a battle you must win, only because you are not aware of what life is, or of who you are.

Physical death, in one form or another, comes to you all. You cannot avoid it, nor would you want to if you acknowledged it for what it truly is.

You often say, when people are suffering from a physical dis-ease, and are in great pain, their death is a “blessing.” It certainly is that.

But so too is every other death, even those you consider tragic or untimely. You all die in the perfect way and perfect time, and by your own choice. But that’s another subject for another day.

John quoted us earlier, “Dying is the easiest thing you will ever do.” That is the truest statement you will ever hear.

None of you came into your physical incarnations intending to stay in your physical bodies forever. And yet that is how you expect it to be, even when you know it’s not possible. And definitely not desirable.

Part of the problem you have, as we see it, is you have come to identify who you really are with your physical body. Your physical body is certainly an important part of who you are, a physical extension of your greater self.

But it is a small part of your greater self. And a temporary one, whether you live to be ten or one hundred.

Friends, when you pass through that experience of death you dread so deeply, you will be amazed, when you get to the “other side,” how easy it was. You will have instantly re-emerged into that place of joy and bliss you, as your higher selves, have never left.

You will see the physical lifetime you just left from the perspective of your higher self. You will see it as just another part of your eternal journey as an eternal being of light and love.

There truly is no death, for you are eternal. You go on forever, no matter how many physical lifetimes you live. Most of you have lived countless physical lifetimes in many different forms and physical bodies.

Death is not serious. Life is not serious. To repeat ourselves, dying is the easiest, most natural thing you will ever do.

There’s nothing to it. Death is far easier for most humans than physical birth and life, no matter how hard, or easy, that birth or life may have been.

Rejoice in the fact you cannot live physically forever. Rejoice in the fact the next part of your journey beyond the veil of death will be even more joyful than anything you’ve ever known.

Rejoice. Rejoice. “Alive” or “dead,” your higher selves rejoice in your very existence, your eternal being.

It’s all good. It never ends. All is well.

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