I don’t know how many times my family and friends have asked me that question. Ever since they discovered I talk to angels and dead folks they’ve been wondering about my sanity.

Most of the people asking the question belong to a traditional religion, and often have a hard time with my spiritual path.

When I first started getting the question I would hesitate, usually managing only a half-baked answer.

That was then.

Now I realize the real question they’re asking is “Do you believe in my definition of God?” Of course, my answer now is, simply, “No.”

That sometimes leads to all kinds of convoluted conversations, often with the questioner trying to convince me I’m destined for hell. I’ve learned over the years to simply not participate in those conversations.

Spirit often talks about a definition of God they gave me many years ago. In my opinion, if we all accepted that definition we would travel far on the path to peace on earth.

Here’s Spirit

“People sometimes ask us ‘Who Is God?’

“God is you. God is your family. God is your friends. God is your enemies. God is your pets. God is the animals of the world. God is the plants growing in your garden. God is the food you eat. God is the clothes you wear. God is the country you live in. God is the countries you are at war with. God is the mountains, the hills, the valleys, the deserts, the oceans. God is the sun, the moon, the stars.

“God is all that is.

“You are all children of God, literally part of God. If you accept that, then how can you deny the birthright of other children of God to live the lives and follow the paths they have chosen?

“You are God. God is you. God is all that is. That’s who God is.”


Who or what is God to you? What is your reaction when people say your beliefs are wrong and theirs are right? Please comment below.