Doctor Death by John Cali

As many of you have probably heard, Jack Kevorkian died today. Known as “Doctor Death,” Kevorkian was a medical doctor who helped over 130 terminally ill patients commit suicide.

Criticized by many, supported by some, Dr. Kevorkian spent his entire professional career raising public awareness about euthanasia for terminally ill people.

I personally think euthanasia should be allowed in terminal cases. After all, we do it for our beloved domestic pets. Why not our human loved ones? I say that in spite of being brought up in the Roman Catholic Church where suicide or euthanasia was a “mortal sin” for which you would be condemned to hell for eternity.

Spirit talked about death and suicide a while back, in response to a question from one of our newsletter readers:

“Our reader asked if there are occasions when suicide is the only solution. Our first response to her question would be this:

“Life is not a problem waiting to be solved. Life is an experience waiting to be lived. So we cannot say to you suicide is always ‘the only solution’ to a difficult life. We are not saying suicide is wrong or immoral or evil. We are saying it is not normally the answer to a sad or depressing life.

“First let’s talk a little about suicide and its definition. Suicide, as your society defines it, is the taking of your own physical life by your own hand. If, however, you believe, as we do, you all create your own realities, that must also mean you create your own physical death.

“You choose the time and manner of your death–whether by ‘accident,’ by illness, or by your own hand. So, in a real and literal sense, you all will ultimately commit suicide. It’s that simple.

“If you view death, or suicide, in that light, there can be no right or wrong. Your death may be appropriate or inappropriate, depending on your personal circumstances. But whether you call it suicide or otherwise, it is neither right nor wrong.”

What are your thoughts about death and suicide? Please comment below.

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  1. Michelle

    I know how controversial Dr Kevorkian was. However, I always believed in my heart that he was working for the individual's best wishes.

    Why is it a "mortal sin" to die with dignity when you know you are terminal? Only the individual knows when it is time. We work with our beloved animals when it is their time to go and don't force them to suffer. Why is it wrong for humans to do the same thing? Until someone has suffered the excruciating, disabling, hideous pain of some of the diseases people endure, they really should not be allowed to have a vote on what others do.

    I believe that Dr. Kevorkian's mission was to shed light on this issue. And he did it well. Love him or dislike him, fear him or embrace him, he was a warrior for Spirit.

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