Doing What You Love by John Cali

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Are you doing what you love? Or are you just making a living instead of making a life?
John Cali

I have a good friend of many years who travels almost constantly all over the world doing her work. Her name is not a household word, but she’s internationally famous in her own niche.

She has a beautiful home in a place many would love to live. But she spends most of her time on airplanes and in other countries. She loves what she’s doing. She’s very good at it, and has made several fortunes over the years.

She no longer needs the money. She just does what she does for the sheer love of it. And she teaches others how they can do it too. She shows them how to not only make a living doing what they love, but how to also make a joyful, abundant life.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Here’s Spirit.

(NOTE: This has a been an unexpectedly busy and challenging week. So we’re using something Spirit gave me many years ago. It’s still a timely message.)

In my meetings with many of you, on the inner and the outer planes, I so often hear all the reasons you can invent for not doing what you love. And many of you are quite creative in your inventions!

The standard reason is — and I’m sure you’ll all recognize this one — “Well, if I do what I love, I’ll starve to death!” Or, “How am I going to pay the rent?” And so on. You know the litany as well as I do.

So right here, we have the first obstacle. You have, in your mind, divorced doing what you love from having abundance. And you’ve not only divorced them, but you won’t even let them speak to each other!

Still, your heart, your soul, your wiser grander self, knows better. And what is it saying to you? In the beginning, it speaks only in whispers. It whispers to you in many ways — a quiet stirring in your heart, a fleeting desire, a dim and distant yearning, a “chance” meeting with an old friend, and so on. And, if you’re alert and paying attention, you’ll hear the whispers. Your soul is whispering to you, “Come talk to me. I have a better plan for you. I can show you a more joyful path.”

Many, of course, (and you may recognize yourself among them) ignore the whispers. So the whispers become a bit louder. And you may still ignore them. Then, perhaps, your soul begins to speak in hushed tones to you. And, so on. If you continue ignoring the messages, your soul will likely begin “shouting” at you. Now you’ll probably start paying attention.

The “shouting” could take many different forms, some of them quite painful. Perhaps you get fired from your job. Perhaps your company goes bankrupt. Perhaps someone younger or older, more experienced or less experienced, replaces you and you’re demoted.

Your soul, hopefully, now has your undivided attention. If it doesn’t, it’s entirely possible the pain will get a lot worse!

Not everyone will experience their souls pushing them into their life’s true work in the way I’ve described here. But many of you will. Perhaps already have. Or you’ll experience something similar.

Okay, so now let’s say your soul has your undivided attention. The next step is to go within and talk to your soul. Go into your heart, your heart center, in your meditative state — whatever that state is for you, whatever works best for you.

In that quiet meditative state, ask yourself “What would I do if money or time were not a consideration? What would I most love to do with my life?”

Be careful here to totally disregard the expectations, the promptings of your peers, friends, family (especially family!), co-workers, churches, schools, etc. Forget all those “authorities.” There is only one final authority for you — the grander you, your soul.

Okay, so now you’ve asked the questions. The next step is to simply listen. And that, for many, is the most difficult part. Just listening. Be watchful for spontaneous images, visions, desires, longings, etc. These will come if you quietly listen and wait. Disregard your mind’s chatter. Listen to your heart, your soul. Just let whatever comes, come.

And now apply this final test. Of all that’s coming to you (and much will come, if you let it), what feels good? What doesn’t? That is the sole test. If it feels good, that’s one path you could follow. If it doesn’t feel good, that’s not your path.

Now, there could be, often are, more than one path you could follow – and all would be right for you. Many of you, the lightworkers, are multi-talented. You could serve well in any of several, or more, kinds of work.

So this process, if followed carefully, will lead you to what you love to do. And it need not take a long time to complete the process. You could easily do it in one meditative session. But, if it takes several, or even more, that’s okay too.

Once you’ve discovered what you love to do, what feels really good, really right for you, you are on your path. You’ve found your true work. This is where you belong. And, if you follow this path wisely (i.e., by letting your soul guide you always), you shall find abundance in all areas of your life.

Doing what you love is the only true road to abundance

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