Now Is the Time for You To Know the Truth about the End of the World

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Apocalypse: The complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation. ~ Oxford Dictionary



In a recent letter, a reader wrote us, “I, for one, would love to hear what Spirit has to say about these times we are living in.”

So without further ado, here is Spirit.


Humans have been predicting and dreading the destruction of life on earth, the end of your world, for centuries.

Guess what? The world really is ending. But not the way you think.

You’re all aware, often painfully aware, of the chaos and trauma and turmoil so many are experiencing on a personal and global scale. But it’s all good.

As crazy as that sounds, it’s true.

None of you came to your planet in this lifetime with any illusions. You knew ahead of time what you were getting yourselves into. It was only when you got here you started creating illusions. There are too many of those illusions to include them all here. But here are a few:

  • You do not remember you came from God. Therefore, you believe you are alone and separate from each other and from God.
  • You do not remember who you are—God in human form. Therefore, you act as if you are weak, powerless victims of fate.
  • You imagined a physical world that seems real to you. But it’s only a dream. Dreams always end, as this one will.

When this dream ends you will emerge back into the light you truly never left. Then you will recognize that nothing physical you perceived in this life, including your own bodies, was real.

You are all far greater and wiser than you believe. How could it be otherwise?

You have come here to play a game, the game of life. You thought it might be fun. After all, games are supposed to be fun.

Your world, despite the appearances of chaos and destruction and divisiveness, is not lost. You are not lost.

Your world of illusion will end. But you will not. You go on forever. You are eternal. You will all return home. All paths lead home, to the Home you never left.

All is well. It’s time to return to the only reality there is—the world within you. What appears to be “out there” is not real. It’s an illusion, albeit a convincing one.

Find that place, that wisdom, that joy, that love within your own hearts and souls. There is where you will find God. S/he has never left you, for you are one and the same.


Here’s a great video with Esther Hicks and Abraham taking a lighthearted (and funny) approach to all the dire predictions humanity has been making for many years.



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22 Responses

  1. Ron Card

    At the end of every world the Phoenix arises. – ron

    Your worst realities are the ones you don’t create. – ron

  2. Susan

    Thank you, John, for being totally open minded!!!

    Love and blessings,

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Susan! And thank you for your kindness.

      Love & blessings,

  3. John Cali

    Hi Everyone,

    Mikala, whose comments you can see on this page, sent me a follow-up comment I think will interest you. Here it is:

    I wanted to mention in this last post about a book that would answer so many of the questions that came up in the comments.  The name of the book is The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurellia Louise Jones.  There are two smaller booklets that go with it, Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames, and The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality.  You can get them from Amazon.  If interested, please feel free to let your group know about these.  The books will teach much to many.

  4. Simone

    Thank you, all you lovely people, for sharing your experimences and feelings with me and letting me know I’m not alone in this. I already feel much lighter! Many blessings to you all.

  5. Mikala

    I almost don’t want to write this, but also feel compelled.
    First, God does not profit from all the cruelty on the planet. The current behavior of humanity has never been part of the Divine Blueprint.
    Humankind is the producer/creator of the chaos and violence that is in our world today. The Creator Source is still teaching us that we need not join this chaos, and in our NOT participating, S/He is watching out for us and is within us at all times to protect and help us learn.
    We are ALL God’s children, created as perfection. Now is the time when we learn that moving back to that perfection (which has never left us) is set on OUR behavior, our work, and how much time we spend in service to others, or service to ourselves in our meditations, discussions with Creator, and all the company of Heaven, to learn to become again the Being which was originally created.
    We must learn to focus on the Now moment. “Am I OK at this moment?” If you say yes to that, then there need be no fear and you can open to trust. If you do not feel OK at this moment, you must look inside and see what you have within that is blocking you. Self-analysis of our thoughts, behavior, lack of trust, fear (which we have created)is necessary if we are going to learn what it is that we must let go.
    God’s agenda is to bring us all Home to live the life of the Divine Being
    which we are, and much more.
    Earth has been a school for us in which we must learn on our own to balance “free will”. Is our choice to follow the will of the Creator or to simply expect to do whatever we want? I think that is being clearly taught currently. We each create our own reality, therefore, we cannot blame anyone else for what tomorrow brings whether it is joy, bliss, freedom, love, play or being angry, judgmental, or fearful.
    NOW is the time for us to make our choices. Which way do we want to go?
    We have all the knowledge and tools within us to create what we wish to have for ourselves and humanity as a whole.
    What Spirit has said to John (above) and to us is truth.

    Blessings to all,

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Mikala! I totally agree with all you said, and you said it so powerfully. You’ve done a great job of expanding on Spirit’s words. We all appreciate that!

  6. Damian

    Greetings John and Spirit!
    The End of the World. I have pondered this very thought many times, and although, when you watch the news (and there are many more sources), it does seem like we, as a whole, are living in the worst of times. Early 2015, I felt very depressed, alone, afraid, and then something came over me. I began to read, to research, to listen, to dig, and I found things both exciting and very scary. I went to Peru and I drank Ayahuasca. Note: I do not believe that everyone should go and take Ayahuasca, but I do recommend it, with humility and respect. In any case, my path showed me that I was never alone, never have been. I simply wasn’t paying attention. I see, feel, hear things all the time now. It is Spirit talking to me, to US. I do believe the World is ending, but not like what most would have us believe. The two most important things I have learned are Forgiveness ends Karma, and that we are here to Love, create, and learn. When we learn these lessons, we will ‘graduate’, if you will, with Mother Earth as we are all evolving WITH HER. Much love to All. Damian

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Damian, for your comments.

      I have a dear friend who’s been to Peru several times for the Ayahuasca experience. He also highly recommends it.

      I agree with you about the power of forgiveness. As A Course in Miracles says, God never forgives us because He never condemned us in the first place. Forgiveness is a necessity only for us humans, and only because we have condemned ourselves and others.

      Much love to you, my friend,

  7. Pat

    Hi John — thank you for sharing. It’s encouraging. Though, I can relate to Simone’s sentiment, yet, I’ve felt and I’m becoming more aware of the truths Spirit talks about here.

    Emotions are strong, for me, lately and I notice how I’m jumping back and forth on what I used to believe and what I’m now discovering. I’m seeing in myself how difficult it is to let go of old conditioning but I’m getting close. It truly is a chaotic time but also exciting for what will come of it. Love and light will always shine after the storms.

    • John Cali

      Hi Pat,

      You’re most welcome. I know many folks can relate to Simone’s feelings. I hear from them almost every day. It’s a challenging time to be on the planet. But it’s also the most exciting time. Like you, I’m becoming more and more aware of those truths we’ve hidden from ourselves for centuries.

      I went through exactly the same process you describe — going back and forth between our old beliefs and the truths we’re discovering — or, really, re-discovering. As you say, love and light will always shine after the storms are passed.

      • Pat

        I know, John. It’s a bit challenging going back and forth. But, at least I can now see the distinction and ability at choosing something different (where I’m getting better). What’s most challenging is believing this is all an illusion, when it appears so real, and learning how to function and live with that reality.

        It’s hard to get my head and heart wrapped around the notion that we’re all playing a part. Seems cruel — but it sure gets you serious on the depths of life. Thanks again, John — would be fun to have a dialogue sometime and just talk about things like this.

        • John Cali

          I agree, Pat, it certainly is challenging. A Course in Miracles acknowledges it is hard for us humans to believe this world of ours is just an illusion. I think a good analogy — I don’t remember where I first saw this — is when we watch a movie and it seems so real. But then when the movie is over, it’s much easier to realize it was all just an illusion.

          • Pat

            I like that analogy, John. It sure does seem like a movie — unbelievable sometimes. Always comforting, though, to hear how it all ends up. Thank You!

          • John Cali

            Thank you, Pat. It certainly is unbelievable at times! But we know all is well, despite appearances. And that is comforting.

  8. Simone

    Thank you, John, for your work. I deeply appreciate you trying to make us recall who we really are and what life is actually about. However, when I think about life, it feels like it’s about 10% fun and 90% struggle. When I contemplate my life so far, I never felt the love of God. Most of the time I felt alone and unguided. But I still believed that everything was possible and that life had great magical potential. And although I still believe in magic, I also realize that through our bubbles of beliefs it’s pretty hard to achieve something that is outside that bubble. It also seems like the most corrupt and mean people are the most powerful creators. And the thought that this is part of God’s – and therefore also my soul’s – agenda is actually really hard to swollow. I deeply wish life could make more sense to me. But how can God profit from all this cruelty on this planet if God is all love? I know I might sound like a depressed person but I’m actually not. I have a deep inner knowing that life is meant to be freedom and love and play and opportunities. But it’s not happening. And that’s what’s bouncing me off.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Simone, for your comments and for sharing your story.

      I know we’re living in difficult times right now. And you certainly are not alone in your feelings. It’s a tired old cliché, but there really is light at the end of this long dark tunnel humanity has created for itself.

      And we’ll all get back into that light—the light, as Spirit said, we never truly left.

      God bless you!

  9. George

    Thanks for the reminder. It helps me with my perspective on the challenges of life.

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