Evil and Its Battle with Good

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What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil. ~ Friedrich Nieitzche,
Beyond Good and Evil

evil-satan-good-archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael and Satan

Even if, like me, you pay little attention to the news media today, it seems obvious there’s an angry war going on between “good” and “evil.”

This week we’re featuring an article by my dear friend and brother, Ted Murray. Ted’s an accomplished writer and spiritual teacher. He’s also a great tennis coach.

In Ted’s message today he talks about the battle between the forces of good and evil, and what we can do about it.

Ted Murray

It seems like there is a tremendous battle going on in the world. It’s a battle between the polarities of good and evil. darkness and light, right and wrong, greed and compassion.

We won’t even talk about the political storm that seems to be at full force with all its ramifications. It’s easy to get consumed with this battle and choose your side and fight like crazy to ensure that your side is victorious.

Yet, in any kind of war, is there ever truly a winner? Actually, both sides suffer huge losses and are completely distracted from the true purpose in life.

What would happen if you chose not to engage in any of these battles? Instead of seeing the polarity you can choose to remain neutral. Although this may seem difficult, how do you know you have chosen the right side when all information seems so distorted and twisted?

What if you simply stuck to one truth, the knowing that love is the only absolute truth in the universe and that the light of love will always dissipate darkness? Instead of fighting or trying to defeat anyone why not just share light and love continuously?

When someone wants to engage you in a confrontational argument, just shower them with love. There is no battle when all you radiate is love and light. When you live in this way your world will be filled with peace instead of fighting, and you will be truly helping to bring peace to the entire world.

Copyright © 2018 by Ted Murray

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Here’s a short, fascinating discussion of good and evil. It features Dr. Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College.


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3 Responses

  1. George Ball

    Yes! Shower everybody with love! And here’s a bunch for you, brother John! Love, George

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, dear brother George!

      Interestingly, today’s lesson from A Course in Miracles says “Love has now returned to our awareness. And we are at peace again, for fear has gone and only love remains.”


  2. Ron B.

    It is fine to use the words good and evil however it is just as easy to claim to be good and call the opposite pole evil. This is what we see in the comment sections of the news articles online. Today I want to touch on one point only; if one fears evil to any degree one has already been infected. The roots are love, the decisions made to help or do good to others OR the decision to follow the path of fear which shows up on the outside as bad feelings and negative thoughts, which if looked at properly usually indicate hidden fears of insufficiency of some kind, fear of not being loved, all of which can only lead to hatred. Still that ¨evil¨ and its symptoms are absolutely necessary. That is what we need to learn from the results and choose changes. When I say ¨decision¨ I am referring to ¨free will¨ which it was decided by the Creator of this game of life was, is and will be the rule since the absense of it did not work but resulted in stagnancy and elimination. Nuff?

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