Feeling Jittery by John Cali

The past few days I’ve been feeling jittery. You know – nervous, unable to concentrate, scattered thoughts, etc. This is totally out of character for me. I’m normally calm, focused, and peaceful. So it came a most unpleasant surprise.

Spirit “popped in” a night or two ago when I was feeling particularly disturbed by the “jitters.” Here’s what they said.


Many of you, especially the more spiritually aware, are feeling “jittery,” as John said. This is nothing to be concerned about. (Easy for them to say! :))

What’s happening is, very simply, you are growing at an accelerated rate. The energies on your planet, especially with the dawning of your new year 2012, are accelerating – as most of you are already aware. But you may not be aware, as John was not, of the effects this is having on your bodies, your minds, your emotions.

Often these effects include the “symptoms” John described – physical uneasiness, scattered thoughts, tumbling emotions, etc.

None of this need concern you. This is a perfectly normal adjustment, if you will, to the higher vibrations you’re moving into. It’s all good. The jitters will pass as your physical beings acclimate to the higher vibrations.

Simply know this is a strong indication of how rapidly you are growing spiritually. All is well.


How about you – do you have the jitters? Please comment below.

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  1. Christine

    Thank you John and Spirit for this blog post (and all your wonderful articles!) The past several weeks have been quite a challenge for me. I have been in one of my “funks” as I call them – with the holiday stress and a very challenging personal relationship, I had come to the conclusion that I must have ADD because I too was very scattered, nervous, depressed, anxious, etc. Just this past Monday, I went to lunch with some very good friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and the whole time I felt jittery – like I was cold. But after reading your post, I think maybe it was just the energy moving. After I left the restaurant, I felt great, almost a feeling of relief. It was so nice to see my friends and I didn’t realize how much I missed their company until then.

    Something I have noticed just in the last few days – Due to my hectic schedule, I had gotten away from my regular meditation and exercise routine. Now that I have started back, I can’t tell you how much better I feel already! I think both make an incredible difference in how we feel both physically and spiritually. Thanks again to you both for helping me understand what powerful beings we all are.

    • John Cali

      You’re quite welcome, Christine. I’m delighted the article helped you.

      You make an excellent point about meditation and exercise. I’ve been regularly doing both over 30 years. On the fairly rare occasion I miss a day with either, I immediately feel it. As you said, it makes a huge difference in how we feel physically and spiritually.

      Thanks very much for your comments.

  2. Daydreamertoo

    I feel this too John, not so much jittery but, I sense the world and time itself seems to be speeding up. I’ve always called it ‘the quickening’ because that’s what it feels like even more so this past few years, as if everything is happening at a much faster pace, all of life. Having gone through some dreadful times and done much deep, deep soul searching from that and having then, discovered and seen my own inner light and felt the ‘universal connection’ to everything both within and without, I can say now that I don’t fear the future at all. What is going to happen will happen and as long as we have somehow moved into a higher degree of conscious thought then we sense too, there is nothing to fear because our shell (body) may expire but, we are each a part of the God light, and therefore we never truly can die.
    I love how you write John. You write in every language others cannot fail to comprehend.

  3. Kathleen

    Hello John! What I have found that really helps is walking and doing something creative. Walking helps to move the energy that is going through our bodies and it clears out any blocks, not to mention it feels great to move when all this energy is so high, and creative expression helps us to channel the energy in, through and around us, giving us a possitive and creative outlet for the energy. This high level energy, if not moving, can build up and we become the pressure cooker. This has helped me to be more anchored into my body which is so important right now. Thank You for this great post!

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Kathleen. I agree with you — it always helps to just start physically moving around. Walking or running outside in natural surroundings also always works well for me.

  4. Maggie

    Thank You John and Spirit! I have been feeling all shaky inside and unable to think or focus. It is very calming to know that it is just feeling the energies. Now I can choose to flow with it and welcome it.

  5. Maureen

    Hello John and Spirit…………..About 18 years ago I went ‘off-balance’ and I’ve done everything under the sun to ‘re-balance’……………….my symptoms were extreme jitters almost like I was plugged into an electric outlet…………….three times I drove to the Emergency at our local hospital because my blood pressure was shooting through the stratosphere………………then gradually I’d find that ‘it’ passed??

    I’m grateful to hear Spirit’s message on this topic because I was actually coming to a similar conclusion…………..my body is not creating this insanity…………it’s responding…………….It truly makes this experience so much easier to accept knowing that it’s all for a good reason………………

    Thank you for this confirmation…………I appreciate this non-3D information……………..Maureen

  6. Jackie

    Hi John; I haven’t written in your blog before although I read your information and sincerely appreciate all the wisdom you bring to the world from “Joseph”:-) I’m always grateful for such wonderful reminders. Thank You!!

    I have certainly felt the “jitters” these last three weeks and initially attributed them to the Christmas/New Year stresses. However, now I’m not so sure. I’m very hypersensitive to energy changes and have also felt some very disturbing heart rythumn abnormalities. They come and go in wave like fashion. Does your Joseph say anything about physical stresses displayed in the physical body, and if so, what can we do? I’ve also felt sudden rushes of excitement and ecstatic love..only for a few seconds at a time. Talk about being off balance!

    Thanks John.

    Love Eternal, ^i^

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, my dear!

      At first, I also attributed what I was feeling to the usual intensity of Christmas/New Year. But, as Chief Joseph/Spirit reminded me, my jitters had nothing to do with that.

      Joseph has talked about physical stresses in our bodies many times. Those stresses can have various sources. One of them is certainly what we talked about today — the accelerating energies on our planet. And there may be other sources — for example, disruptions in our relationships, financial problems, etc.

      At those times, the best thing we can do is to get back into alignment with our spirits. The only time we feel distress, depression, or upset of any kind is when we are out of alignment with our spirit selves. When we’re aligned, all is well. And we feel good — joyful, peaceful, happy.

      So the answer is to get back into alignment in whatever way works for you. Anything that makes you feel good will get you back into alignment. When you feel bad, do something — anything — that makes you feel good.

      I could say a lot more about this, but that’s the essence of it all. It really is that simple.


  7. Jeannie

    trying to focus on one thing, other things just tumble in the way. I seem to be in more then one place. So this unease feeling serves a purpose………delighted to hear that. all things have a purpose………..

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