The past few days I’ve been feeling jittery. You know – nervous, unable to concentrate, scattered thoughts, etc. This is totally out of character for me. I’m normally calm, focused, and peaceful. So it came a most unpleasant surprise.

Spirit “popped in” a night or two ago when I was feeling particularly disturbed by the “jitters.” Here’s what they said.


Many of you, especially the more spiritually aware, are feeling “jittery,” as John said. This is nothing to be concerned about. (Easy for them to say! :))

What’s happening is, very simply, you are growing at an accelerated rate. The energies on your planet, especially with the dawning of your new year 2012, are accelerating – as most of you are already aware. But you may not be aware, as John was not, of the effects this is having on your bodies, your minds, your emotions.

Often these effects include the “symptoms” John described – physical uneasiness, scattered thoughts, tumbling emotions, etc.

None of this need concern you. This is a perfectly normal adjustment, if you will, to the higher vibrations you’re moving into. It’s all good. The jitters will pass as your physical beings acclimate to the higher vibrations.

Simply know this is a strong indication of how rapidly you are growing spiritually. All is well.


How about you – do you have the jitters? Please comment below.