When my son was growing up, he and I loved to visit graveyards. Through the years, we visited many. They ranged from the United States Civil War battlefields, to those of the American Old West, and those of our Italian immigrant family.

As we strolled among the gravestones, reading them as we walked, we often felt a deep sense of peace. It may seem ironic, but these scenes of death brought us feelings of healing and comfort.


What you feel when you visit graveyards is a piercing of the veil between life and death, between the physical and the spiritual.

In truth, there is no separation between humans and spirit. They are merely different aspects of life, which is eternal.

What you often feel when you visit a graveyard, especially if the bodies of your loved ones lie there, is a lifting of the veil between the so-called living and dead.

But there is no death, only life—eternal life. Your experience of that eternal life changes, depending on where you have chosen to be on the life-death spectrum.

As we said, there is no death. Your human eyes tell you that statement is a lie. No death? you may ask. Then what do all these gravestones represent? Are they an illusion?

Yes, they are, in fact, an illusion.

While we respect your human traditions, limited though they be, we want you to see beyond their limits.

It is good that you have chosen to experience life in physical form. But the only purpose of that experience is to grow from and beyond it. And to become fully aware of who you truly are—which is eternal spirit in temporary physical form.

You see, your spirits live in a state of eternal expansiveness and joy. Being who they are—playful, joyful beings—they wish to sample, if you will, life in all its different aspects.

One of those aspects is the experience you call death. But death is not the end. It is merely a step on the happy joyful journey you, as spirit, have chosen to play in for a while. As we have said, death is the easiest thing you will ever do.

Death is only for a while, and it is always play.

Your spirit lives in a state of eternal joy—what you sometimes call heaven. This heaven is the place you have never truly left, the home you live in forever.

The peace you may find in graveyards is simply a reminder of the truth you have often forgotten: You are eternal. You never die. You live forever.

Rejoice in that truth, and be joyful always, and in all ways.

Copyright © 2022 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray

This video gives us a short and fascinating history of graveyards.

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