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posticon Matters Of The Heart

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One of my family has a reputation for being quick to anger. He explodes for the slightest, most insignificant, reason.

Berna and I have a neighbor who’s also quick to anger for the slightest reason.

Not surprisingly, both these people have serious, life-threatening heart problems.


Humans often use the word “heart” to mean various things. But usually you mean the central part of an issue or concern you have in your life.

The word is certainly appropriate in that context.Read more

posticon Presence

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A few weeks ago, a friend, Cathy (not her real name), I’d known all my life died after a painful illness. She and one of her closest, lifetime friends, Jane (also not her real name), spoke with one another as Cathy died.

They were fully present for each other as their long journey together came to a quiet end. It was quite a deeply emotional experience for them both, as you might imagine.

Jane gave Cathy the greatest gift any of us can give another—the gift of her presence.Read more

posticon The Healing Power of Kindness

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In today’s world, it often seems kindness is in short supply. But there are as many random acts of kindness as there are acts of cruelty. Or perhaps, more.

We only need to open our eyes to all the kindness around us. There is more of it than you would ever imagine. Although you might not think so if you follow the mainstream news.

Kindness is the cure for a world gone crazy.


In the holiday season just passed, you may have found yourself feeling more kindly toward your fellow humans than you normally do.Read more

posticon What Good Is Religion?

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In my own life, going deep in the Christian religion of my birth

has enabled me to see the same Spirit and Love in other religions as well.

~ Father Richard Rohr

Religion has, arguably, been the source of much human behavior the opposite of what Jesus Christ taught and lived.


We realize many of you reading this are o were religious. Berna and Johnny were raised in Roman Catholic families. Both have now left the faith of their families.Read more

posticon Graveyards Revisited

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Three weeks ago, we did a post called Graveyards. It generated some interesting thoughts and comments, on and off our website. So this week, we’re revisiting the subject.


A few nights ago, Johnny had a vivid dream. When morning came, he recalled it in detail.

In the dream, he was speaking with a young woman he knew who had died a few days earlier.

Linda (not her real name) felt lost and alone. So Johnny was helping her get adjusted to her new life beyond the physical world.Read more