For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. They will lift you up in their hands, so you will not strike your foot against a stone. ~ Psalms 91: 11-12



After last week’s post, Angels In Our Midst, some of our readers wondered what my spirit guides might have to say about angels. Specifically, guardian angels.


If you only knew how safely and lovingly you are held in the arms of your guardian angels, you’d never again know fear. Your angels are all about you. You have never walked your life’s path alone.

How can you recognize your angels? They manifest in your lives in many ways. Here are a few.

  • As in the video Johnny chose, you can sometimes see your guardian angels seemingly with your physical eyes. And they can be captured on your cameras.


  • They may appear as a stranger in your hour of need. The stranger can take on the appearance of a woman, man or child.


  • The angels may appear, as Carlos did with Johnny, just for a bit of fun and lightheartedness.


  • Your animals, particularly your domestic pets—cats and dogs—are often guardian angels in disguise.


  • Your angels can communicate with you in ways beyond physical appearances as humans or animals.


  • For example, you may pick up a book and randomly turn to a page with the exact words you need to hear at that moment.


  • An angel can temporarily inhabit the body of a friend or loved one and say exactly the words you need to resolve a challenge you’re facing.

We could go on forever. The ways your guardian angels are there for you are countless and infinite.

Just know this, dear ones: You are forever held in the loving arms of your angels. You are safe. There is nothing to fear. Now or ever.

God, Goddess and your angels love and cherish you. They will never abandon you. They have never left your side. Take comfort in knowing that.

Then you will realize you have never left your true home. You are there right now. All is well.

Copyright © 2018 by John Cali


This short video tells the true story of  a guardian angel who saved a little girl’s life. Following the story is a short interview with Edward Grinnan, Editor-in-Chief of Guideposts magazine. Guideposts, as you may know, was founded by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale many years ago.


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