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The Mirriam-Webster Dictionary defines “guilt” as “feelings of deserving blame, especially for imagined offenses or from a sense of inadequacy.” (Emphasis added)

Over the years, Spirit has spoken rarely about guilt. Berna thought it might be a good subject for today’s discussion. I agreed. After all, guilt is the proverbial “albatross” around the necks of many humans.


Guilt is the most useless, unnatural experience you can have as a human being. While it is not harmful to your ultimate spiritual growth and remembering, it can certainly significantly slow down your progress.

It’s a tool of manipulation and control used by so-called “authorities.” It generally works well.

The result is you give up your power to the “authorities.” You give up your autonomy, your independence, your divine birthright. You often forget you are your own highest authority. You are God. You are Goddess.

You are all divine beings in human costumes. You are not human beings having an occasional spiritual experience. You’re divine beings having an occasional human experience.

Anything that obstructs the flow of divine energy through your human forms, and your human lives, is unnecessary, unnatural, and useless. Guilt is one such obstruction.In many ways, it’s the worst one.

It is important that you examine whatever guilt feelings you have at this moment in your lives. You will often discover the source of guilt is someone else’s expectations.

For example, parents, teachers, clergy, friends, etc. These are expectations you have accepted for yourself, though perhaps not consciously. Guilt always means you are living in the past. You are not living in the present moment, where all your power is.

Examine those expectations closely. If you see they are not serving you as a human and spirit being, banish them from your life forever. Then you have empowered yourself, and you will banish guilt from your life forever.

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In this video, Wayne Dyer gives us a powerful reminder of how guilt can wreck our lives.

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  1. David Bolin

    Well John,

    Here are 2 ways I currently view life and how guilt fits in:

    –Life Is a Feedback Mechanism–
    One of my many bouts with employment was working in a sewage treatment plant. The control room had a wall full of meters, gauges, and flashing lights. They were feedback on how the plant processes were doing. My thoughts, beliefs, feelings, physical experiences, etc are part of life’s feedback mechanism to show me how well I am feeling and expressing the essence of my divinity. Guilt is one of the gauges on my control panel..

    –Guilt is an Eddy Current in the Flow of Life–
    Think of a little stream of water flowing through a meadow happily interacting with all the rocks, stones, branches, twigs and animals at the edge of the bank drinking water. The stream is being and doing all that it is divinely meant to be and do. When eddy currents develop they suck water from the stream and it goes around in a loop blocking the stream from interacting with part of the bank. Guilt does the same thing in the flow of my life.

    Be Well,

  2. David Bolin

    Hi John,

    I noticed that Spirit focused mainly on the external source of guilt.
    I never have allowed much brainwashing activity of me with regard to guilt.

    My Wordweb dictionary defines guilt as: ‘Remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense’ and it defines remorse as: ‘A feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed)’.

    I do,however, perceive an internal source of ‘guilt’.

    Just as physical pain is an alarm telling me something is wrong with my physical body and I need to tend to it immediately, guilt is an alarm telling me I am experiencing emotional pain and some aspect of my thoughts, beliefs, and actions are misaligned with who I truly am.

    Maintaining alignment through the portal of my heart is a life-long process for my joy, happiness, and learning to express unconditional love. I love my beloved portal.

    Be Well,


    • John Cali

      Thank you, David.

      We agree — guilt is the result of a misalignment of thoughts, beliefs, and actions with our true selves. Our true selves are God/Goddess.Therefore, if we recognize who we truly are, guilt becomes impossible, no matter the source.

      John & Berna

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