The Mirriam-Webster Dictionary defines “guilt” as “feelings of deserving blame, especially for imagined offenses or from a sense of inadequacy.” (Emphasis added)

Over the years, Spirit has spoken rarely about guilt. Berna thought it might be a good subject for today’s discussion. I agreed. After all, guilt is the proverbial “albatross” around the necks of many humans.


Guilt is the most useless, unnatural experience you can have as a human being. While it is not harmful to your ultimate spiritual growth and remembering, it can certainly significantly slow down your progress.

It’s a tool of manipulation and control used by so-called “authorities.” It generally works well.

The result is you give up your power to the “authorities.” You give up your autonomy, your independence, your divine birthright. You often forget you are your own highest authority. You are God. You are Goddess.

You are all divine beings in human costumes. You are not human beings having an occasional spiritual experience. You’re divine beings having an occasional human experience.

Anything that obstructs the flow of divine energy through your human forms, and your human lives, is unnecessary, unnatural, and useless. Guilt is one such obstruction.In many ways, it’s the worst one.

It is important that you examine whatever guilt feelings you have at this moment in your lives. You will often discover the source of guilt is someone else’s expectations.

For example, parents, teachers, clergy, friends, etc. These are expectations you have accepted for yourself, though perhaps not consciously. Guilt always means you are living in the past. You are not living in the present moment, where all your power is.

Examine those expectations closely. If you see they are not serving you as a human and spirit being, banish them from your life forever. Then you have empowered yourself, and you will banish guilt from your life forever.

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In this video, Wayne Dyer gives us a powerful reminder of how guilt can wreck our lives.

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