The Healing Power of Mother Nature

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People say to me so often, “Jane, how can you be so peaceful when everywhere around you people want books signed, people are asking these questions and yet you seem peaceful?” And I will always answer that it is the peace of the forest that I carry inside.” Jane Goodall, British anthropologist.


Redwood Forest

I grew up in rural New York State. My favorite pastime was wandering through the woods and hills, even when most kids my age were dating, going to parties, playing sports, etc. Today, I’m fortunate to live in a wild, remote place, not far from Yellowstone National Park. I still love roaming through the woods and hills.

These days we’re hearing more and more about the healing power of nature. I know, from my own experiences over many years, how the powerful peace and healing of the wild places can dramatically change our lives for the better.


Have you ever been completely captivated by a beautiful setting — maybe a blood-red sunset on the seashore, freshly scented air after a soft summer rain or a moonlit morning in the mountains?

One Sunday morning Johnny awakened just before dawn. The nearly full moon was hovering over the rugged mountains to the west. On the eastern horizon, the sun, an orange-gold globe, was peeping over the foothills, bathing the summits of the western mountains with an otherworldly glow.

Puffy white clouds raced across the deep blue sky, pushed by a warm wind blowing out of the west. Suddenly, the whole valley around him came alive with a golden-amber light. Everything was glowing, transformed as if he’d moved into another dimension.

Johnny stood there amazed at how much beauty there is in your world. You don’t even have to look for it. It’s all around you. No matter where you live—in the city, at the seashore or in the mountains.

If you will open your eyes to that beauty that surrounds you, you will find your life becoming more joyful and peaceful. You will, perhaps for the first time ever, become aware of the healing power of Mother Nature.

Look for the beauty everywhere—in the obvious places, as in the sunrise, the sunset, the mountains, the sea. But also look for it in unexpected places. Look for it everywhere.

One of the best ways to become more aware of your planet’s beauty is to take a walk out in nature. Even if you live in the city, find some trees, flowers or grass—anything alive and growing. Study its beauty, feel its energy. Redwoods with their massive height, are particularly powerful.

You will be uplifted and inspired. Your worries will vanish, and you will know all is well with you and your world. You will be fully present in that moment. And you will be healed.

Adapted from Spirit Oracle Cards by John Cali and Spirit

Copyright © 2017 by John Cali


I think this beautiful video perfectly conveys how healing and peaceful Mother Nature is for all of us.


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10 Responses

  1. George Ball

    More good work from you, dear John. Yes, I am fortunate to live on the top of a heavily wooded, small mountain called Montebello. When I look out of my living room through my 11th floor balcony I see only trees with the afternoon sun in the afternoon. Love, George

    • John Cali

      Thank you, George. I remember Montebello well. We did a lot of work there back in the 1980s. It’s a beautiful setting.


  2. Jean Horn

    This is a beautiful piece, love it, feel it and it makes my heart shine!
    love and hugs

  3. Mikala

    I live in peace now. I cannot move through a full day without being outside, in nature. It doesn’t matter if I’m watching wild life and animals or the magnificent trees or other types of creation, I am at peace. That peace stays with me, within, and keeps me serene and joyful. It is that peace within that supports the way I interact with the human life. Smiling, speaking, providing service to my brothers and sisters, or whatever comes up during a day.
    I live in peace now.

    Blessings to you John and to all.

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Mikala. I do as you do — I make it a point to get outside every day, even if only for a short time. As you say, you are at peace when you’re out in nature, and feeling at one with this beautiful world we’re blessed to live in.

      Blessings to you also, Mikala,

  4. Dr John muciaccia

    Good article about Nature. Thank you. Dr John Muciaccia

  5. Margaret Bullock

    Loved the video. Thanks John. All the best to you. With love Margaret.

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