I am the light of the world ~ A Course in Miracles

Many of us grew up believing we did not have much to contribute to the world or our fellow humans. I certainly believed that. How about you?

If you grew up Catholic, as I did, your sense of self-worth was pretty miserable. The admission “I am not worthy” was enshrined as part of the ceremonial liturgy.

It took me many years to get beyond that nonsense. Some never get that far.


We want all of you “to get beyond that nonsense,” as Johnny put it.

You do no one, nor yourselves, any favors by “playing small.” You truly are the light of the world—every one of you.

Until you fully embrace those words and fully integrate them into your life, you are not honoring who you truly are and why you are here.

You are here because you are a powerful being of light who has come to transform your world from the illusion of darkness to the brilliance of the light you all are.

That, pure and simple, is your purpose. It is your duty to  be truly helpful to those of your sisters and brothers who are struggling in the darkness.

This is who you are—a child of the Divine who has come to restore sanity and light to a world plunged into the illusion of darkness.

Let your light shine. Quit hiding it. Now!

Copyright © 2018 by John Cali


In her beautiful 60th Grammy Awards performance, singer-songwriter and actress India Arie sang I Am Light.



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