You never lose those you love. ~ Spirit

the far shore

Folks often ask my spirit guides about relationships. Arguably, relationships are the most challenging aspect of our human lives.

One constant in Spirit’s conversations with people, including me, is their reminder that we never lose those we love.


You have all had many lives and many loves. Those you love in this lifetime have been with you in other lifetimes. Those lifetimes can be what you label “past” or “future.” In the spiritual realms there is no time, only the eternal now.

We’re aware of the challenge and difficulty you have with physical death. But there truly is no death because you go on forever. Yes, you come and go into and out of your various physical bodies. And those bodies appear to change as you move through linear time. But you—your true eternal self—are unchanging.

The next time you “lose” a loved one to physical death, remember you never change, you go on forever.

That loved one can be another human, a pet, any being you feel love for. All are truly one, no matter what form they may take in a physical lifetime.

Their true selves—their spirits—live on forever. They cannot die—you cannot die.

You always have access to those you love, be they “living” or “dead.” And you can just as easily communicate with those who are dead as with those still in physical form. The only thing preventing you from communicating with them is your belief you cannot.

They are always with you. They are always giving you signs they have not gone away.

You planned the relationships you have in your physical lifetimes before you became physical. Your spirits thought there might be some fun in playing around with each other in the physical.

And so you came together to do whatever you chose to do. Those partnerships, those relationships are forever. Even after one or both of you “die,” you still have a long way to go. You still have much to do together.

For you never lose those you love. You will all meet again on the far shore.


Have you ever wondered why you are here, or who you truly are? Aren’t those the two big questions we all have today?

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The Far Shore, by The Seekers, is one of  my favorite songs. If you were a music fan back in the 1960s you’ll remember this world-renowned Australian band who still get together now and then.


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