One day many years ago, I was driving to my office in the Washington, DC suburbs. I had stopped at a red traffic light. When it turned green, I started to pull into the intersection. Just then, a car on my right ran through the red light and nearly hit my car.

A bit shaken, I waited a few seconds, and then started through the intersection again, the green light still in my favor. At that moment, a loud, clear voice shouted, “Stop! The next guy is going to do the same.”

I jammed on the brakes, and seconds later, another car ran through the red light on his side. Had I not listened to that inner voice, I might not be here today.

Since that day, I have always listened to that inner voice, loud or soft.


Your Bible speaks of “a still, small voice” within. This is exactly what Johnny was hearing those many years ago—a voice that may well have saved his life.

You live in a noisy world. There are many distractions fighting for your attention, almost constantly.

That is why we’ve long recommended you take some time each day to just be still, in the silence.

You can do this in any way that works for you. We recommend meditation in whatever form appeals to you.

There are other ways of just be-ing in the silence: taking a walk, watching a sunset, admiring a beautiful flower, etc.

The point of all this is to simply remove yourself, at least for a few minutes, from a world overflowing with noise and confusion.

You will never hear your inner voice unless you take (or make) time to be silent.

Hearing your inner voice (which is always and only the voice of God) will be life-changing for you. It may even be life-saving, as it was for Johnny that day long ago.

Copyright © 2022 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


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