Justifiable Homicide by John Cali

After all my years of doing this work I am not easily shocked. But I was today when I read about “justifiable homicide.”

It seems three American states — Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota — are considering making it legal to murder abortion doctors!

Of course, this country, unlike much of the rest of the world, still makes wide use of the so-called “death penalty.” The last figure I saw was 34 of the 50 US states use what’s euphemistically called “capital punishment.”

But this is the first time I’ve ever heard about making it legal for ordinary citizens to murder their fellow citizens. Of course, in my view and the view of many others, capital punishment is also nothing more than legalized murder. Though it’s the governments doing the killing, not private citizens.

But to cast a slightly more positive perspective on this, here are some excerpts from recent comments my spirit guides made about capital punishment:

“There are no truly bad experiences because all experiences, all paths, lead you back home to your souls. Even death. Death has taken on a dark aspect for humans. It’s something to be dreaded and avoided at all costs. For many of your medical professionals death is a profound and unalterable failure. Perhaps, as some consider it, even a punishment meted out to you for your misdeeds.

“In fact, however, when you dole out the ‘death penalty,’ you are often — more than you know — giving some tortured souls blessed relief from their tortured physical lives. Once they pass through the gateway of death they re-emerge into a place of indescribable bliss and joy. They have returned home.

“If you really wanted to penalize them, you’d let them continue to live on in their self-created misery instead of offering them the sweet release of death. And maybe force them to watch your television every day.”

Of course, Spirit’s comments do not address the main issue in this post — what Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota are doing.

What are your thoughts about this whole contentious issue? Please comment below.

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  1. Wil in Amsterdam

    In human eyes it seems incredible that killing a human is a deed of mercy. We only know it when the person asked for it as in euthanasia. But what if the person is unable to ask for it when his mind goes insane? Like a killer at a school? And why does the government has the monopoly of legal killing which means they kill when it is rational (money or power wise) to do so? Furthermore if you've come to the conclusion that you create your own reality via your vibration (focus of thought and emotion) you would know that the killer and the killed would co-create the event. So you would never have to be afraid (unless you are) to be the target of a killer.

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