It’s obvious to most people around my town that I don’t have a “regular” job. So folks often ask me “What do you do?”

Till recently I would tell them, depending on how I read their energy, “Well, I’m a writer.” Or “I’m a spiritual teacher.” Or even “Not much — I’m sort of retired.” (Which is only a “half-truth.”) I call this sort of conversation “empty cocktail-party chatter.”

Now my response to that question, “What do you do?” is very different. I say “I’d rather talk about who you and I are, and not what either of us does for a ‘living.’”

People’s responses to that are interesting. Sometimes they’ll look at me as if I’m crazy, or maybe a spy. Other times they’ll warmly open up as if I’m a long-lost loved one.

As a society we’re so stuck on labels: what we do, how much or little money we have, how much power or influence we have, etc. Even our names are labels. But do any of these define who we really are?

Here’s what Spirit has to say:

“You live in an action-obsessed society that considers what you do more important than who you are. Labels mean more than anything else.

“You are God in human form. You have a purpose for being in this lifetime. That purpose has nothing to do with amassing wealth, power, influence, material possessions. Nothing wrong with any of that. But it’s not the reason you’re here.

“You didn’t come to do anything. You came to be who you are.

“You came to shine your light out to the world, to focus it into the dark places. The dark is not evil. You all deal with the dark parts of yourselves. The dark is simply those places where you have not yet let in your light.

“What you do is far less important than who you are. When you are aligned with your God and Goddess selves you are at your most powerful. Then your light is reflected and radiated in all you do.

“Some humans doing the most menial tasks are the most powerful people on your planet today. It doesn’t matter if you’re the leader of a country or its lowliest citizen.

“You are all equal, not necessarily in abilities or skills, but in the fundamental goodness of your beings. It’s not what you do that matters. It’s who you are. Simply be who you are. Then you will have accomplished all you came to ‘do.’”


How do you react or respond to the question “What do you do?” Are you uncomfortable with it? Or do you prefer talking about superficial subjects and not about who you really are, what your innermost thoughts and feelings are? Please comment below.