Life, Death, and Beyond

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Most humans believe that you come into these bodies and you live for a little while, and you get it right or you don’t, and then you leave—when what is really happening is you are eternal. You never really leave. ~ Abraham with Esther Hicks


Most humans fear death. That’s a “fact of life,” as you say.

We say there is never any reason to fear death—if you remember who you are.

And who are you?

Most humans would answer that question with their name, or nationality, or some other limited way of identifying themselves.

We would remind you all these ways of identifying yourselves are illusions. They don’t truly exist. Whether we’re talking about your name, your nationality, your color, your sex, your relationships, etc.—these are all illusions. They are simply not the real you.

You are not Joan Smith (or your name), not an American or Italian, not a man, not a woman, etc. etc.

These are all simply ways you have of identifying yourselves while you are having a temporary physical experience.

So—you are not your body. Your birth, your death are simply experiences you observe yourself having. But they are not you. They are not your life. They are but fleeting glimpses of a world that is not real.

So who is this “you” we are talking about? This “you” is the observer of life, death, and beyond. You, the true you, simply observes all these events and experiences we’re discussing here today.

You, the observer, are eternal. You can never die. And you were never born. You have existed forever. And you will exist forever.

Once you understand this, once you know your true self, you will never fear death again.

Death is an illusion. Only you are real.

In this fascinating video, Deepak Chopra offers us a clear and powerful description of a world with no death, only eternal life.

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