There is no death because what God created shares His life. There is no death because an opposite to God does not exist. ~ A Course in Miracles


As some of you may know, I just returned to Wyoming from a family funeral in New York. I don’t mean to sound irreverent, but we had fun and laughed a lot.

It reminded me of another family funeral long ago, for my cousin Giuseppe. Giuseppe died at a relatively young age. As a typical Italian immigrant family, we were all very close. If you’re familiar with Italian culture, you know they love partying.

Giuseppe’s death, of course, was sad, especially since it had been so sudden and unexpected. But after the funeral, the family had a big celebration—lots of food, fun, wine and laughter. It was one of the best parties I’d ever attended.

I realize some folks are likely uncomfortable with the idea of having a funeral and then throwing a party. But I believe life should be fun, even when it’s not.


At night when you lay your head on your pillow and drift off to another dimension, you dream and dream. Some nights the dreaming seems endless.

Those nightly dreams, when you are aware of them (as you usually are to some extent) are often vivid and real.

Then, in the morning, you awaken to the “real” world. Your dreams fade and vanish. You may think to yourself, “Well, they weren’t real after all.” Even though at the time you were absolutely certain of their reality.

What we just described is exactly the process you all go through when you experience what you call “death.” Death is simply the end of the dream. It is not the end of you.

This life you are living right now is a dream. As you are reading these words of ours, it’s a dream. It’s all a dream.

Dreams are not serious because they are not real, no matter how disturbing they feel. Physical life is not serious because it is not real. The true reality is what you experience after you “die.” Of course, you never die—it just seems that way.

So, as long as you choose to remain in the dream of life, have fun—laugh—bring joy into the lives of others. And then when you move through and beyond the veil of “death,” you’ll find even more joy, fun and laughter.

You’re here to be happy, nothing less. That’s what God—the Creator, Goddess, however you describe that universal power—wants for you.

Copyright © 2018 by John Cali


Big Tom McBride is a legendary Irish country singer, formerly a member of The Mainliners band. Some say he’s the Irish equivalent of Johnny Cash in the United States.

Big Tom died last month. His funeral was a joyous (albeit sad also) celebration of his life, with lots of fun and lots of tears.

This first video is a short, hilarious take on funerals. The sound track is Big Tom singing the hit song, The Same Way You Came In.

The second video is longer, about 36 minutes. It was filmed at the celebration Big Tom’s family, former band mates and friends held after his funeral. If you care to watch it, you’ll get an idea of the joy and fun Tom must have brought into the lives of so many over many years.



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