Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. ~ Dalai Lama

Seeking_human_kindnessCopyright © 2013 by Enver Rahmanov

I was going through some old files the other day and came across a beautiful little poem written by my dear friend, Jerry Buchanan, many years ago.

Jerry is gone now, but in his lifetime he was a legendary figure in the world of writing and publishing. He graciously mentored me when I was a new young writer. Throughout the years he did the same for thousands of others. Jerry was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known.

As we begin another new year, I’m excited about the powerful energies and opportunities awaiting us in 2015. This is a time like no other in human history, a time of truly new beginnings.

So I want to share Jerry’s poem with you today. His ideas and words, though not new, are powerful guideposts and reminders as we launch into this exciting new era.

Living and Giving
by Jerry Buchanan

Whatever you give away today
Or think or say or do
Will multiply about tenfold
And then return to you.
It may not come immediately
Nor from the obvious source
But the Law applies unfailingly
Through some invisible force.

Whatever you feel about another,
Be it love or hate or passion,
Will surely bounce right back to you
In some clear (or secret) fashion.
If you speak about some person
A word of praise or two,
Soon, tens of other people
Will speak kind words of you.

Our thoughts are broadcasts of the soul,
Not secrets of the brain.
Kind ones bring us happiness;
Petty ones, untold pain.
Giving works as surely as
Reflections in a mirror.
If hate you send, hate you’ll get back
But loving brings love nearer.

Remember, as you start this day
And duty crowds your mind,
That kindness comes so quickly back
To those who first are kind.
Let that thought and this one
Direct us through each day . . .
The only things we ever keep
Are the things we give away.

Copyright © 1967 by Jerry Buchanan
Founder, TOWERS Club, USA
Vancouver, Washington, USA

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Enjoy this video, Simple Acts of Kindness:

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What can you do to bring more kindness into the lives of others, and your own life?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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