Moments of Grace by John Cali

Someone asked me today if my spirit guides have said anything about the sad events in Japan. They have not, at least not yet. But the question reminded me of something they said about a similar, though not as severe, event a few years ago: Hurricane Katrina in the United States.

Here’s what they said:

“If nothing else good comes from this, it’s certain it will create, already is creating, a much greater sense of oneness than has perhaps ever existed in your United States.

“That sense of oneness, as it radiates its energy out to the world, will bring all of you, all over the planet, into a much different place than you have ever experienced before. It will bring you far closer to your dream of peace on earth than you have ever been. To paraphrase your writer, Charles Dickens, it is a far, far better place you go to than you have ever known.

“There have been many stories of the big and little human tragedies and triumphs Katrina has created. It is clearly a time of transitioning, of quickening of the energies on your planet.

“While many have died, none have died in vain. Even in this time of sadness, trauma, and many grisly scenes broadcast all over the planet — even in this time of human terror — there is much to rejoice in. There is much to celebrate. There is much you, as a human race, have to congratulate yourselves for.

“You have come together — most of you, though not all — into a greater awareness of what it means to be human at this time on your beloved planet.

“You are more aware — and this happened in the blink of an eye — of how deeply connected you are with each other and with all that is.

“That greater awareness is one of the many blessings to come out of this time of human trial and trauma. There are many good people among you — and all of you are of good intent. There is much good in all of you. You have far more in common than you have differences among you.

“Celebrate yourselves. Be joyful in your knowing you are not lost, your world is not lost, your world is not broken, you are not broken. Know all is well.

“Those who died were ready to move on. None of you dies except in the manner and timing only you decide, at some level of your awareness. Whether it be by “accident,” so-called “natural causes,” or by your own hand or that of another. You are in control.

“And that is why we say no one died in vain. All who died were ready, and are now rejoicing in the loving embrace of their souls and all of us in these dimensions of spirit.

“Their deaths have also given all of you still on earth another grand opportunity to remember who you truly are, and to embrace your humanness — and each other.

“Nothing happens haphazardly, not even so-called natural disasters such as Katrina. You live in an orderly universe where there are no accidents, no coincidences.

“We realize it is hard for many of you to see it that way right now. But you will ultimately come to see the beauty and the perfection of all life, the “good” and the “bad.”

“All is well, friends. You are safe. You are in good hands. Your lives are simply one long succession of moments — moments of grace.


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