One Day Is Not Enough

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We’ve written about war truces before. But one particular truce stands out in our minds. It was during the brutal, bloody World War One.


As Johnny said, we’ve talked about war and truces before. War seems to be a perpetual curse humans have inflicted on themselves throughout history.

What has war ever accomplished?

In our view, it has accomplished nothing of value. So why do humans persist on the path of war?

The only value in war is to teach you there is no value in war. Have you learned that lesson? Perhaps you will some day.

War truces—what have they ever accomplished? Not much if you only go from truces back to war again, endlessly.

The war truces down through the centuries have accomplished nothing. They have not ended war.They have only paused the wars.

A temporary truce is useless. It may give you pause to consider the insanity of war. But they never end war. For a day perhaps. But one day is not enough.

What will be enough? Only the awareness in every human that war is never justified. And the firm determination to never again strike out at your brothers and sisters.

Not just for one day, one truce, but forever.

Copyright © 2022 by John Cali and Berna Copray
Edited by Berna Copray


The song Christmas in the Trenches, by writer and singer John McCutcheon immortalized the true story of the World War One Christmas truce.

Long after the war, John “accidentally” met some soldiers who were at the Christmas Truce. In this video, he tells that remarkable story. It demonstrates the power of kindness and love in even the worst, most brutal conditions humans can create.

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