Peace Is Simple

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In today’s crazy, chaotic world, more and more folks find peace, inner and outer, nearly impossible.

There’s a famous story in the Bible about Jesus calming a raging storm while he and his disciples were at sea. Jesus was sleeping, and his terrified men awoke him. He simply arose and said, “Peace, be still!” A great calm descended over the sea, and all were safe.

Can creating peace be that simple? Merely saying, Peace, be still!?


We’ve talked about peace many times over the years.

Peace is such a deep and powerful desire among humans. And yet it often seems so difficult and elusive. But it is truly one of the easiest of all those challenges facing humans on Planet Earth today.

Peace is simple. Period!

The reason it seems so difficult is you look for it in all the wrong places.

Here’s a short list of some of those wrong places: governments, countries, gurus, politicians, teachers, spiritual leaders, political leaders, money, fame, and so on.

Those are all the wrong places.

In fact, there is only one right place—within. You will never find it “out there.”

The only way you can create peace on earth—that long-lost seemingly impossible dream—is to first create it within yourself.

You must be at peace within yourself before you will have any peace to give others, before you will be able to show others the true path to true peace.

Few know this, but that peace you seek is already there, within.

Your soul, your higher self is always in a state of perfect bliss, perfect joy, perfect peace. It is a state somewhat like a deep, meditative state, but with total awareness of your total reality and existence in the moment.

If you are fully present in the moment with Love, there can be no pain, no sorrow. There can be nothing but total peace—the peace, as your Bible says, that surpasses all human understanding.

It’s all there, within, waiting for you to claim it. Peace is simple, so very simple.

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