Physical Healing by John Cali

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Last week there was a great discussion on physical healing at a forum I belong to.

John Cali

The forum, Earth Heart Spirit, was started some years ago by my good friend, Mikala St. Germain. Mikala is also the moderator.

What particularly intrigued me was a question one of the members asked, and Mikala’s answer:

Member’s Question:

“Dear Mikala,

“. . . the question I’ve had for a long time . . . . Once we release the cause, (for) example, a habit, thought pattern, emotion, etc., does the physical body that was associated with that ailment, then need to be healed, or will our cells and tissues do it automatically? It stands to reason that our (body) having divine intelligence, would then heal itself since the thought or habit, etc. was blocking the healing in the first place.

“It seems every time I try and heal an area of my physical body, if I haven’t released the emotion, habit, etc., the area feels blocked and the healing feels much resistance.

“Does this sound about right to you?

“Love you for all your valued thoughts and advice.”

Mikala’s Answer:

“Dear (name deleted):

“Yes that is right. You can think of it this way. If you rubbed poison ivy against your skin (cause) it would cause that ‘poison ivy reaction.’ If, when that healed, you did it again, the second reaction would be worse than the first.

“If you continued to do this for years, you would have scars and scar tissue, possibly all over your body. Remove the poison ivy, and the body will heal itself. However, if you did that the first time, it would take maybe a day or two. If it was over years, it would take the body much longer, and there could be lasting effects for a long time.

“The second part of the answer is that there most certainly can be instantaneous and total healing.

“The resistance you feel in healing a result and not the cause is the body trying to tell you that the poison ivy is still being rubbed on, and the body simply cannot take the healing because the cause continues to remove the healing effects.

“So, absolutely this sounds right to me. I’ve experienced this both personally and as a healer with others. It is possible to heal the cause and results at the same time.

“Blessings to you, Mikala”

And now here’s Spirit.


We completely agree with our friend Mikala’s response to the question.

Physical dis-ease, in our view, is simply an imbalance in your physical body. Nothing more, nothing less.

We know many would disagree with us here, but our view is that any imbalance (or dis-ease) in your physical body is always — no exceptions — caused by some form of resistance.

Mikala’s example of the poison ivy is perfect. It’s as if you keep rubbing the poison ivy on your body, even though you know your body will reap the results. You keep rubbing and your body keeps getting worse.

The “poison ivy” we’re talking about here is resistance. It doesn’t matter what specific form that resistance takes. It can take many forms — resentment, sadness, grief, anger, hatred, jealousy, and so on. Any negative emotion is a form of resistance.

For example, if you insist on continuing to hate someone who “did you wrong” years ago, you’re continuing to rub the poison ivy all over your body.

When you continue on this path of resistance over a long time, your body is, almost without exception, going to get out of balance. When it gets out of balance, all kinds of nasty undesirable things can happen.

All physical illness is an imbalance caused by resistance. Period!

Quit rubbing the poison ivy on your body, and it will heal.

Your body itself is your best healer. It is your “healer within.” But only if left to its own devices. In other words, only if you get the hell out of your body’s way. That is, get rid of the poison ivy — the resistance and your body will heal itself.

Every cell in your body has its own innate intelligence and wisdom. It you leave it alone it will return to its natural state of perfect balance, harmony, and health. Then it will assist every other cell to do the same. The end result is health and wholeness, your natural state.

We could go on much longer on this subject, but John is telling us this is enough for today.

Just know this, friends, you are not destined to live your life in a dis-eased body. No matter what the origin of the dis-ease, you have the power, in every moment, to make a different choice. And to allow your body to restore itself to perfect health.

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