The Power of Intention

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Spirit and Berna had a recent conversation about intention. Her question to them was Can you tell us more about the concept of intention?


It is a powerful concept, a powerful tool in your spiritual toolbox. Your intention is everything, because with your intention you can literally change the path of your life. Nothing can be achieved without intention, a clear and powerful intention.

Any time you form an intention (for example, if you want to heal your body of something) you first form the intention to accomplish the healing.

Then you take the steps you feel your inner guidance directs you to take. The biggest obstacle here for many is the belief there is inherently something wrong or weak with your body. And it can certainly appear there really is something wrong in your body.

But as Jesus said, this really is you projecting into the world (including your body) the fear you are feeling. Any physical disruption is really a misunderstanding, a  projection of your fear.

So your intention, ideally, would be to become aware of what you are doing. Your intention is to realize what is going on here.

Your basic intention should be to become clearly aware of what is going on You want to remove fear and replace it with a place of peace.

It is written in your Bible that peace is the path of all understanding. To find that place of understanding would be a great overall intention. Peace is your birthright. It is your foundation. It is what God is. God is peace.

So your big intention, then, should be to rediscover your inner peace. It has never left you. But it has slipped away from your inner awareness. And that is very disruptive. Anything disruptive is always a detour you have taken around inner peace.

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Here Abraham discusses intention and expectation.

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