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My spirit guides often say nothing you do, say, or think is done in a vacuum. It all ripples out to the whole world and touches many lives, whether you’re aware of it or not.


You have often heard us say you are all connected. It can never be otherwise.

However, you live in the illusion of separation. You see this person here, another there, and so on—all separate, even distant from you.

You chose to physically incarnate, or reincarnate, into this world of illusion many times over many years.

But now your world is going through a remarkable, unprecedented transformation. It’s commonly painful for many. You don’t need us to remind you of that.

But you all will get through these trying times of transformation. Your world is coming to an end. But it’s not “doom and gloom” we are talking about here.

The end we’re talking about is the end of darkness. And there will be a rebirth for you and your planet back into the light. The light of the home you never truly left.

While you are all moving through these often-challenging times, you need to be watchful. You need to pay attention to your own health and well-being.

You need to attend to the health and well-being of all your sisters and brothers. Those physically near you, but also those who may be literally a world away.

Remember you are all one. You are all children of God/Goddess. What you do to or for one, you do for all. Remember Jesus’s words from the Bible (Matthew 25:40), “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me.”

There has never been a more critical time than now on your planet. Now is the time to return to love. To love for yourselves, your sisters, your brothers, your beloved Mother Earth, and all beings who live upon her.

There no greater journey you ever have, or ever will, make than the return to love.

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In this short, powerful video, the great spiritual teacher, Mooji, describes divine love.

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  1. Martha

    Also, how do we look out for the health of someone who may literally be a world away? What does that mean, specifically? I understand what it means in a general ” We Are the World, We Are the Children ” sense. Is it just a matter of seeing ” that change is gonna come..when We stand together as ONE”?
    I agree with that of course. But it’s the day to day street level that I’m having a very hard time with not only with what I see going down here but also my own health struggles.
    Spirit DOES acknowledge the PAIN here. We can acknowledge the pain of another if he has a slipped disc. But that doesn’t make it any less painful.

  2. Marth

    Hi John,
    I share your optimism in the bigger picture sense but not so much in the immediate which I feel disturbed by. Wondering what you and Spirit have to say about navigating these times of pandemic fear mania?
    I’m having trouble with it as are many others.
    Thanks and Love,

    • John Cali

      Thanks again, Martha. I realize I’m the eternal optimist, and some think I’m unrealistic. Perhaps we’ll do a post on this subject.

      Love, John

  3. Martha

    Hi Again, John,
    As you can see, I am feeling pretty upset by what’s been going on in America during the last year and have strong emotion about it. This, other than in a very general sense, makes it difficult for me to love everyone as I see innocent people being both manipulated and actually harmed by our government.
    I am a Warrior of the Light and I wield the sword of Truth whenever I see lies and injustice in this world.
    How to remain loving in these times is my challenge. And I know I am not alone here.
    To answer my own question, We knew these times were coming. My higher self says that the only way to stay out of fear is to remain in a state of constant prayer that would keep me in Love around the clock.
    Easier said than DONE!!
    With appreciation and Love,

    • John Cali

      Thank you very much, Martha. I agree – these are challenging times. And as you say, we knew these times were coming. But I remain optimistic that we are moving quickly into a new era of joy, peace, and love. Love, John

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