Right and Wrong by John Cali

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The death of Osama bin Laden has unleashed a torrent of discussion in the United States. And, I’m sure, in other countries too.

John Cali

The discussion, at least what I’ve seen and heard, ranges from reasonably polite and civil to venomously angry and hateful.

Those on one end of the spectrum are somewhat willing allow others their opinions and beliefs. Not so on the other end. There it’s “We’re right and they’re wrong!”

So what are “right” and “wrong”?

Since I’m still in the midst of making major changes to our website, newsletter, etc., we’re repeating an old article from some years ago. As you might expect it’s about right and wrong. (As a caveat here, that old article is a bit sterner than is typical of Spirit.)

Spirit speaks about right and wrong


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