sex-soul…intimacy means more than sex…. You are intimate when you are fully with another, no matter what.
Neale Donald Walsch

After reading that title, you’re probably asking yourself, “What on earth do sex and my soul have to do with each other?”

Good question.


The myth of sex

Among the greatest myths you have been taught about humans is the myth of sex.

Sex, except under very limited circumstances, is a sin. Or, at minimum, a deviation from the “right” path you’re supposed to be following.

The myth of sex is different from the reality

And yet, sex is the opposite of all that. Of course, we mean sex properly perceived and properly used.

Nothing God (or Goddess or the Universe, etc. — insert whatever word you prefer) created is evil or sinful. That includes your physical bodies and sex.

So where does Love come into all this?

Of course, everything you do in this lifetime is supposed to be done with love. Love is what you are truly seeking—nothing else.

Love is who God is. Love is who you are.

The experience of sex, combined with true love, can be—as you might say—“mind-blowing.” But not, perhaps, for the reason you think.

Beyond sex

Yes, sex provides physical pleasure. But, beyond that, it provides the “pleasure of union,” as we like to call it. Union with your human partner. Also union with your divine partner — call that God, Goddess, spirit. The words don’t matter.

Union and re-union

What does matter is the union—or, more appropriately, the re-union.

In that re-union you will find you are one with your partner, with God or Goddess, and with All That Is.

Sex is simply a tool, if you will, for remembering who you are, for reconnecting with your soul.

That is the link between sex and your soul.


In this short video, Deepak Chopra answers the question, “Is sexual energy the same as spiritual energy?”

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Many of us grew up believing sexual energy and spiritual energy were total opposites. Sex, except under certain, limited conditions, was considered a “sin.” We were taught that particular “sin” was a one-way ticket to hell.

What were your experiences as a youngster, compared with your experiences now?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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