Father James Martin is an American Jesuit priest. He’s a strong advocate for the LGBT community.

Lately, Father Martin has come under fire from conservative elements within his own Roman Catholic Church.

I graduated from a Jesuit college. The Jesuits are sometimes noted for their more liberal (humanitarian) approach to Christianity than other elements of the Roman church, including The Vatican.

Recently, Father Martin criticized his church in the new documentary, Building a Bridge, featured at the Tribeca Film Festival. Referring to the 2016 massacre of 49 LGBT people, here’s part of what he said: “I couldn’t believe it. It really angered me that, even in death, these people were largely invisible to the (Roman Catholic) church.”

Spirit has spoken about this whole issue of sexuality many times over the years. We’re going to talk about it again today.


Arguably, there are fewer more controversial and confusing topics than sexuality.

Humans and, in particular, churches, have often demonized sex. This totally misses the true nature and purpose of human sexuality.

The Roman Catholic Church (of which Berna and Johnny were once members) has even made some aspects of sexuality, in their words, a “mortal sin.” For Catholics that could mean spending eternity in hellfire. (Of course, that’s not true and is only propaganda promoted by the church.)

We realize this discussion is going to be upsetting and controversial for many. But our opinion is sexuality is the human equivalent of divine creativity.

As many believe, God created the universe and every thing, every being, in it. That is the greatest act of creation ever known.

The human exercise of sexuality is also an act of creation. This was intended by God/Goddess.

To exclude and mistreat certain elements of human society based on their sexual preferences is, in our opinion, the greatest of “sins.”

God/Goddess excludes no one from his/her love. Yet many humans—the ones Father Martin speaks of—feel it is their right, even duty, to judge others, to exclude them from love.

Let us leave you with a question:
God excludes no one. Why do humans feel they have the right to do something God would never do?

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This short video is an interesting overview LGBT rights in today’s world.

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