The Spirit Cat

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Berna and I took a few days off this past weekend in the northeastern part of The Netherlands. It’s a beautiful rural area, known for its prehistoric tombs, called “hunebeds,” dating back to 4000-3000BC.

The hunebeds are the oldest monuments in the Netherlands. They are prehistoric tombstones built by the Funnelbeaker people using boulders Mother Nature transported to Drenthe during the Ice Age. Drenthe has no fewer than 52 hunebeds in a 30-kilometre radius.

We went to one of them last weekend. When we walked back to the car, seemingly out of nowhere, a beautiful, multi-colored cat came running happily toward us.

He rubbed up against our legs, acting as if he’d known us forever. We were baffled. Most cats we’ve known are shy and do not take the initiative when approaching human strangers.

Spirit “popped in” while we were playing with the cat. They said this was no ordinary cat. They called him a “spirit cat.”



After their cat encounter, Berna and Johnny were wondering what (or who) this cat was.

Our observation of humans over thousands of years now, has clearly shown us humans, as a group, have very distorted views of their animal partners and companions.

You see them mostly as “things” or objects, only a part of your physical world. Like rocks or trees or oceans. But nothing more.

We wish to clearly explain to you they are far more than that.

Of course, all that exists in your physical world is part of God, or Spirit. But humans and animals (that is, everything possessing a conscious awareness) are especially advanced aspects of Spirit or God.

That cat Berna and Johnny met was as much, and as powerful, a part of God as humans are.

That cat (and all animals) possess the divine awareness that you humans generally claim as your own exclusive possession.

We want to be clear in this–the awareness of so-called “dumb” animals is as powerful, and as advanced, as what you claim as yours as human beings.

Obviously, there are different “levels” of awareness. Animals have levels different from humans. Humans, even, have different levels of awareness from each other.

There is no “lower” or “higher,” “better” or “inferior” here. You are all equal. You are all divine beings. You could say, in Goddess’s eyes, you are all the same.

Different, yes. Inferior or superior, no—never!

What we’ve said here today, obviously, is that all that exists is God. Goddess. All are equal. Different? Yes. Superior or inferior—never!

All of this has obvious and deep meanings in so many parts of the human experience.

Here are a few areas to consider: human diets—vegetarian or not, laboratory animal experiments, treatment of domestic pets, how you treat so-called “wildlife,” your zoos (awful at worst, benign at best), etc. etc.

We shall explore this subject further in upcoming posts.


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This video demonstrates what remarkable, intelligent creatures cats are.

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  1. Jeannie

    Good Day to you or night depending what it is there. Lovely cat

    story. Teddy my newest lovely cat is sleeping by the patio door, Ruby
    my oldest darling is in on my son’s bed. All is quiet. The stray
    cats I feed are off sleeping as are the squirrels I feed. Why do I do
    this, well I love animals, love to watch them, and they know me.
    Spirit is so right everything is God. They are all so beautiful and
    people can learn allot from animals.
    I would have left this as my reply but alas, there was no place for
    me to reply, it was blank.

    Have fun in Netherland, Holland. I have a dear friend, a Rosicrucian
    friend , Ruud Muster and if I ever got there he will take me to where
    my uncle Harold is buried. During the second world war he and his
    other Canadians soldiers liberated a town. Germans were still
    causing trouble while running away. One through a grenade in the
    middle of the town square, my uncle threw himself on it to safe the
    civilians . He is there still along with others who are honored by
    the Dutch people. My Grandmother, Helen MacDonald was given the
    Victoria Cross by Canada for her sons sacrifice.

    I have a fondness for the country and for the people.

    love and hugs and I love the cat !

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Jeannie, for sharing. You always have such fascinating stories!

      Love and hugs,

  2. Hans

    Thank you for that great post.
    Cats were around me since my birth. So i have a special relation with them, but with animals in general.
    I had a special cat for 4 years around the age of 8. This guy welcomed me every time I came back home, liying down on my shoulders and pouring like heaven.
    He accepted every gift I’d give too him, even salad. But also some chicken or pasta or other greens. He was almost permanently around me, even in my bed.
    I lost him brutally at te age of 4. My mother found him dead on a chair (!) It’s been a sad loss. I still cry when I think about this loss. I’ll never forget him.

    • John Cali

      Thank you for sharing your story, Hans. I’m sure anyone who has ever loved, or been loved by, an animal will be touched by your story. Animals are truly the Creator’s great gift to humans. We have much to learn from them.

  3. Jerry

    John and Berna, your experience reminds me of my unusual animal experience. I was walking by some ducks in my city park with a dear friend when one of the male ducks came running over to us. I thought, this is strange. He then put himself between us as we walked! My friend and I thought, how weird! We kept walking and he stayed between us from that end of the park, to the other end and back! We got a great laugh out of this? If we stopped, he stopped!
    We began to wonder what spirit was in him. When we got back to where we met him, he just took off to his buddies!
    Such a unique and fun experience we will never forget!
    Much love to you guys!

    • John Cali

      Thanks so much, Jerry! What a beautiful story! It makes us appreciate what a magnificent gift the Creator has given to us humans in our animal families.

      Much love to you, dear brother!
      Berna and John

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