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I recently read a great article by Ed & Deb Shapiro called Are You a Spiritual Window Shopper?

John Cali

The Miriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of “window-shop” is “to look at the displays in retail store windows without going inside the stores to make purchases.”

The term has taken on a new slant these days with so many people wanting to know who they are and why they’re here. There are plenty of spiritual teachers out there, many of them excellent. And some wanting to convince us their way is the only way.

One of the things Spirit often tells people in personal readings is to trust their inner guidance above all other guidance. He even says if the advice he’s giving them doesn’t resonate with them, just ignore it.

Years ago he told me, only half-humorously, his job was to put us out of business — when everyone remembered who they are and why they are here, there wouldn’t be any work left for us to do.

Here’s Spirit.


Most of you on a spiritual path are aware of all the resources available to you today, particularly with the internet being such a pervasive part of your lives.

There are probably as many paths to greater spiritual awareness as there are people on the planet. There is no “one-and-only” path, no one “right” path.

John grew up in a religion that taught all other religions were wrong, and people could be “saved” only if they belonged to the “right” one.

Today you’re seeing that same superior attitude even outside religion. Many of the spiritual teachers in your world today are saying they have to the key to living the life of your dreams — the key to wealth, health, and romance. They know how to “save” you. Or so they say.

Our question to them would be what are they saving you from, or saving you for?

John had a good friend long ago who did a lot of spiritual window-shopping for just the perfect teacher, philosophy, set of rules, mantras, techniques, etc. etc. that would give him the key to happiness. He never did find that key. He was looking in all the wrong places.

We are not telling you to ignore the wisdom of others. There are many fine spiritual teachers in your world today, with no hidden agendas. But beware of those who want to save you, or convince you their way is the only way. Beware of those wanting to disempower you instead of showing you how to empower yourselves. Trust those who tell you to trust your own inner wisdom above all else.

Each of you have access to truth, the truth that really will “save” you. Though you don’t need saving. That truth lies within you. Only you know what it is. You will find it through your connection to your higher self, through the wisdom of your own heart.

Trust your heart always. Certainly seek out and cherish relationships with other kindred spirits, with people on your spiritual “wavelength.” As John said in reference to this week’s video, relationships are a vital part of your lives. But the most vitally important relationship you have is with yourself. Your highest and best spiritual teacher is you.


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