The Standing Rock Pipeline Protesters

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When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us. ~ Native American proverb


They did not grab much attention in the mainstream news, partly because of the negative, noisy US presidential election season. But the Standing Rock pipeline protesters in North Dakota, in my opinion, deserve a hearing. Apparently, they’re not going to get much of one.

As you may know, the protests are over the Dakota Access Pipeline construction in North Dakota, near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The Standing Rock tribe and environmentalists are arguing the US Army Corps, which approved the pipeline last July, failed to adequately consider its impact on sacred Sioux sites.

There’s far more to it, but that’s a short summary of what’s going on.

However, today we want to talk not about politics, protests, or whatever—there’s already too much focus on all that’s “wrong” with our world. We want to talk about something uplifting and positive—something that came out of the Standing Rock protests.

Native Americans have historically honored the land and all its wild creatures. So it’s not surprising the land and the animals should have a special bond with the tribes.

About a week ago, a herd of wild bison (buffalo) appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, at the protests. About the same time, a golden eagle appeared.

Did these wild, “dumb” animals just happen to stumble upon the scene of the protests? Or were they coming to support the tribe in their efforts to honor the tribal lands and sacred sites?

My spirit guides said once, in our Spirit Oracle Cards, “Animals…are often your teachers. They have little to learn from you. But  you have much to learn from them.”

Please share your thoughts with us below.


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Here are two short videos taken at the site of the Standing Rock pipeline protests. The first features images of the bison and the golden eagle who appeared at the protests. The second video was filmed as the bison herd came thundering into the protest area.




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24 Responses

  1. Martha

    I forgot to say that I am in full agreement that change starts with each individual!

    ” Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let it Begin With Me” comes to mind.

    Individually and collectively, by like hearted people coming together with a shared Vision and the Courage to Stand and Speak Out for What We Believe In – this is how we transform our world.

    I trust Mother Earth. I trust the innocent creatures who dwell upon and in her. I trust the people who care about Mother Earth. This is where my devotion rests. In this Good Earth. I’m willing to Stand and fight for her, if necessary. For I too, am a Protector, as all conscious citizens of the New Earth must be. Love protects.

    Whatever the whole truth is about Standing Rock, I see it is a golden opportunity for healing, growth, and positive change.

    I like what the great American Anthropologist Margaret Mead has to say:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    Love to All,

  2. Barbara

    For some reason, I don’t see a “reply” button to Tom Vogel,

    The only thing I would say to his comment regarding “private property” is that poisoned water is poisoned for everyone. Poison is no respector of “private property”.

    As many wise ones have said, “The Great Spirit drew no lines upon the earth”.


  3. Tom Vogel

    These are not peaceful protesters but terrorists. They kill local cattle, steal livestock and infringe on others rights.
    They are not the change in want any more than I would approve these actions on the right. This is not rich against poor. Not the people saving the earth. The link is just one article on the hypocrisy

  4. Pat Ruppel

    Thank you for sharing, John. I have shared with my social media. Who knows what’s really truth and what’s being manipulated . . . only Spirit and what lies in the hearts of men.

    I do believe like what has been expressed here that Earth and the animals are trying to get our attention on how we’re destroying our world. We need to listen.

    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Pat. And thank you for sharing with your social media folks. There certainly does seem to be a lot of manipulation these days. As you say, Mother Earth and the animals are giving us all some powerful wake-up calls.

  5. Martha Magee

    This video by Prince Ea says it wonderfully:

  6. Martha

    ” These are the days of miracles and wonders..this is the long distance call…” ( Paul Simon )

    Yes, John, Standing Rock is a touchstone for our time. I am feeling it deeply within my soul. It feels like a call… a call for All. This is a MOMENT An opportunity. An invitation. A divine appointment sanctioned by the sacred. When buffalo and eagle start showing up like that, you know that Gaia is listening and responding and letting Her voice be heard.
    This is a great opportunity for all to gather as Protectors of the water, land and all her inhabitants. To Stand at Standing Rock for All that is Good. Yes, to stand with the Sioux Nation, with all the Native Tribes. And to know that in truth at this point we are ALL Native Americans, we must all be Protectors of the water and land in our beautiful country ” and crown our good with Brotherhood from sea to shining sea..”
    That is my Vision.
    We as Americans need to take our voices and our power back. This is a great opportunity we’ve been given. Because it really matters. I hope we heed the call. This is my prayer.

    Standing With Love ✨✨


    • Barbara

      Dearest Martha, John & Jeannie,

      What eloquent, wise and beautiful messages you have all posted.

      Watching from afar, it is so heartening to see.

      When I visited John in Wyoming, we had many experiences where animals and birds seemed, to our physical eyes, to appear out of nowhere. We talked about these experiences in our articles “The Magical Critters of Wyoming” and “Shimmering Dragonfly”.

      In England too, they had a similar thing happen when wild horses appeared, again, “out of nowhere” :)when road builders and security ‘bullies’ were about to murder an ancient Oak tree. You can find that if you search You Tube for “Wild Horses of Newbury”.

      Gaia is speaking, the animals are speaking and finally the sensitive, awake people are listening, hearing and standing together to protect this sacred land.

      The Protectors are doing an amazing job against horrendous odds. But there are prayers, energy and love being sent to them from all around the world.

      If I had a current passport I’d be with them physically, but, like so many of my fellow Yes Scotland family, we’ve temporarily taken our main focus away from our own land to lend it to the Water Protectors and many, many of us and people like us around the planet stand with them. Goddess Bless them, all their supporters and our Precious Mother Earth.

      This time, the world is watching. This time the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island have many millions standing with them, sending love, energy and support.


  7. Karen Lee Samson

    Dear John,
    What a beautiful site, seeing nature naturally respond to the situation. Buffalo the protectors and wise eagle from the skies above.
    A great sign for all to witness the highest frequencies of nature and the Native American tribes coming together.
    Spirit speaks to All through animals and nature. Discernment reveals much.
    Beautiful article with a beautiful message from spirit to all that are aware.
    A great symbol and sign of coming together for Earth and those that honor it.
    As always, John, you present a beautiful account of spirit speaking to us all via nature. That was indeed a very positive sign for the Indian tribes and people that are aware .
    Beautiful story and captured beautifully on video.

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Karen, for your most kind words, as always!

      Yes, it is a beautiful scene, with the animals showing their love and support for the tribes. We truly are all one.

      • Tom Vogel

        I find it interesting that you believe these animals appeared out of no where. I live not far from this action and I also believe we are all one but the buffalo did not appear out of no where. Many ranch’s here in North Dakota have buffalo herds and even Standing Rock has a buffalo herd. These were driven by several “protesters” on horseback toward the police but they failed and even one of their horses were injured and had to be put down.

        This type of hype disappoints me in many ways as the “protesters” have used the internet to spread untrue stories and they are repeated and repeated by many well meaning people. There is more to this action than people supposedly trying to save water while they do the same to pollute the planet… Despite what you have read the police have been very restrained in this action. And many of the Standing Rock Native Americans want these outsiders gone as they are not from North Dakota.

        • John Cali

          Interesting perspective — I’m sure there are as many varying perspectives as there are people.

        • Martha Magee

          Tom, I can appreciate your point of view from a local perspective. At this point there are no outsiders. It’s a wake up call for all of us ~ a touchstone for a much deeper problem that needs to be addressed. That which violates natural law and the well being of all must be stopped. Raping of the land must be stopped. The violation of Native American Treaties must be stopped. The manipulation of people by corporate greed must be stopped. The American People and we as Citizens of Earth must use our power and our voices for good.

          ✨ There is only ONE of us here✨

          It starts with Love and Respect for Mother Earth.



          • Tom Vogel


            I have always supported protester and their right to protest. I do not support anyone’s right to interfere with others and their property whether or not someone else believes in property. When people come and burn, pollute, harass local ranchers and even the workers on the pipeline, they are outsiders. When they make up stories about animals, treaties, how they are treated, they are outsiders. Here they are known by many as eco terrorists by many and because of their actions that seldom get reported.. This pipeline is on private property. It asked for input two years ago in way over 300 meeting. Where was the attention than. That tells me the agenda is not to save Earth but to terrorize those that disagree with them.
            When someone enters private property and is asked to leave and they do not, that is breaking the laws as they stand. I have been in protests myself and they never infringed on others rights.
            This is not 1851 or 1868 or 1879, it is 2016. The laws we have can be changed but not with this way. If someone blocked your street and set fires etc. would you not call the police?
            BTW all of these protester are driving oil machines, flying in oil machines and using the power grid which comes from our system. Build something better does not mean you tear down the existing first. Each individual contributes to all of this on both sides. 🙂 It is hypocritical to protest oil in any manner while still using the product in any manner. Change begins with each individual not with protests which are really not just peaceful prayerful protests as they always state. I get carried away because this was news here long before the “stories” became news to the sympathy around the world… 🙂
            This too will pass and work itself out quickly when the “protesters” at introduced to our winters. We shall see who “saves” the earth at that time. 🙂

          • John Cali

            Thank you, Tom, for your reply to Martha. You obviously have had much more experience with these types of situations than most of us. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and comments.

          • Barbara

            Damned right, Soul Sister! Well said. XXXX

        • Martha

          To Tom Vogel,

          Although you raise what may well be some valid points from your very local perspective of what you have witnessed with your own eyes at Standing Rock, when you say, “Change begins with each individual not with protests” I would have to respectfully disagree.
          Every major change we have seen in our liftimes happened because the people gathered and marched in protest and got the nation to sit up and take notice,eventually leading to the necessary changes that made this country grow, and become better and more just. To name just a few: The Civil Rights Movement, Blacks getting the right to vote, The ending of Segregation, The Women’s Vote, and the ending of The Vietnam War and the progress we are making with non GMOS. Things things were demanded, peacefully, mostly, but you know how humans can be. We are far from perfect, especially when emotions are running high. But when our passions are put to good use, we can be a force for good. I see Standing Rock as
          many others do: an opportunity to STAND UP to Big Oil and say NO – -This is not Okay. You may no longer have your way with Mother Earth. This shit stops here. ” I see it as fierce love, the way a mama bear protects her cubs. America must take her Voice and her Power back. We stand at the Gate of a New Earth. The old way is not coming along for the ride. It matters little that some of the protestors are riding around on fossil fueled vehicles as they protest Big Oil. So are most of us! Only a very small percentage of the population are off the grid and seiving hybrids or electric cars because of the suppression of new technologies that have kept us hooked on gasoline. But we’ll get there. To call them hypocrites is missing the bigger picture pf the glorious moment Standing Rock offers. And I hope all Americans who envision A New Earth and who are here to assist in the birthing of a new paradigm will embrace it and rise and STAND. This is much more than a local. It is about all of us.
          This article came my way this morning and I think it’s really good:

          With great respect and Love for All,


          • John Cali

            Thank you very much, Martha, for your reply to Tom. I’ll let him take it from here.

  8. Jeannie

    that is incredible and oh so beautiful to see, man and animal joining together. Truthfully I did not know you had that many buffalo left in the states so miraculous is one way to see this. It is indeed a beautiful sight to see and oh so uplifting. But not only animals and man but a voice from the sky as well as the earth, a trinity coming together. If man is wise, man (and woman of course) should listen.

    Animals and indeed birds know more than we about nature and this lovely planet and we indeed can learn from them. I think this is Nature’s way of speaking to us, to your government. Actually to all governments. This indeed is an awesome sight to see even though it was in the past and I wasn’t there I still feel the wonderful vibes of that event.

    love and hugs

    • John Cali

      Thank you, Jeannie. Actually, the buffalo were on the brink of extinction not that many years ago — thanks in part to the buffalo hunters in the days of the Old West. One of the most famous of those hunters was the legendary Bill Cody, known as Buffalo Bill — he’s the founder of the little town I live in today.

      I’m not criticizing him or any of the folks from those days — they were doing what they thought best. But I’m glad this country has had the foresight to turn that situation around.

      As you say, Nature has a powerful way of speaking to us humans.

      Love and hugs,

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