The Joy of Life, Part 2 by John Cali

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Ann, the central character in our article last week, finds little or no joy in her life. This week we want to talk about another friend who’s the exact opposite of Ann.
John Cali

Ann, who’s still relatively young, may or may not live a long life.

But the friend we want to talk about today has already lived a long life, and is still going strong.

Jim (not his real name) is in his 90s, closing swiftly on the century mark. He doesn’t look anywhere near his age, and you’d never guess he’s almost 100.

Jim is still married to his first and only wife. They have children my age. Jim is slim and trim, obviously from good exercise and a healthy diet. He has a strong network of family and friends, and is very active in his community helping others.

But, in my opinion, most important of all, Jim has a positive attitude. He always greets people with a ready smile and a word of praise. He never criticizes or judges anyone or anything. If he doesn’t have something positive to say he says nothing.

He has strong spiritual beliefs. But he never preaches his beliefs to others. He simply lives them every day. People notice and wonder what he has they don’t.

Sounds to me like a good prescription for a long, healthy, and happy life.

(“Coincidentally,” as I was getting ready to publish this article, I came across an article by Dr. Andrew Weil, Do You Want to Live Past 100?)

Here’s Spirit.

Friends, your physical bodies are “engineered,” if you will, to live far longer than most humans ever do. Your bodies are self-healing, self-balancing mechanisms. Their natural state is one of perfect health, perfect balance.

When they get off-balance and experience less than perfect health, they have all the resources within themselves to restore their balance and health.

They know how to do that — and without any “input” from you. But there is the problem — you!

We see so often how you get in your bodies’ way. You interfere with their natural functioning and healing abilities.


First of all, your society teaches you, in many different ways, your bodies are inherently weak and vulnerable. That concept is the whole foundation of your traditional medical professions.

Society teaches you your bodies will — must — inevitably age and deteriorate as you move through your years. Society teaches you that you must die “of something.” That “something,” of course, is illness and disease. Or perhaps an “accident.” But however it happens, it’s going to be a terrible, miserable experience.

That’s what society teaches you. And it’s all nonsense. Plain and simple, it’s bullshit. Period!

You do not have to experience any of that. You can live a long, joyful life. You can die a quiet, peaceful death in a state of perfect health. You can choose the time and manner of your death.

Now some of you are probably saying right now, “Spirit, that is the real bullshit.” But it’s true.

John’s friend Ann, as he said, may or may not live a long life. She probably won’t.

His friend Jim has already lived a long, happy life. And he’ll probably go on for years, until he decides he’s done it all and it’s time to return back to Spirit.

What’s Jim’s “secret”?


His secret is joy. Joy is the key to a long, healthy life. Joy is the key to all you seek. It’s that simple, friends.

Seek joy in every aspect of your lives, your experiences. Then you will have achieved all your higher selves intended when you incarnated.

It’s so simple. It’s so easy. Just get out of your own way. Get into the flow of life. When you do, all is well.

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