The Loaded Gun by John Cali

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Last week I received a brief, but powerfully moving letter from one of our readers, a Vietnam War veteran.

John Cali

Here’s the letter:

“Thank you so much for this (the video of The Way of the Warrior). It made me unload the gun. It stopped me from taking my life. I am a Vietnam vet who has chronic progressive multiple sclerosis.”

(Name withheld)

In a follow-up letter this man told me:

“If my letter will help others, please use it!

“A little-known fact: From 1965 to 1975 58,000 troopers were killed in Vietnam. Between 1975 and 1985 there were 178,000 vets who took their own lives.

“So if it will prevent any of my brothers and sisters from doing what I was going to do, please use the letter.

“Please give to your brother a WELCOME HOME, my brother, from me.”

(My brother Paul is also a Vietnam War veteran.)

These poignant letters brought tears to my eyes. And also a deep sense of gratitude and joy that we, in a small way, helped this beautiful soul find a reason to go on living. Of course, most of the credit goes to our dear friend, Reinis Ikass, who created the video.

We never know how or when we’re going to touch others and help them heal their lives. A most humbling realization for me.

Here’s Spirit.


As John said, you really don’t know exactly how or when you’re touching other people’s lives. But we can promise you this — you’ve all done it far beyond what you’re consciously aware of.

You may not know how you do it, and you rarely know when you do it. But you do it nonetheless.

You are all connected — you are one. An overused phrase perhaps, but an accurate one.

You cannot be separate from one another. Yes, each of you live your own unique individuality, you follow your own unique path. Those paths often seem to diverge and sometimes go in opposite directions. But they all lead Home, as we said in The Way of the Warrior.

Never believe what you do, say, or think is in isolation. Every act, word, thought has powerful repercussions, reverberating throughout the universe, all that is.

So it behooves you to act, speak, and think only from a place of love. Every act, word, thought from a place of anything less than love contributes to the pain so many are feeling today. But love can help ease that pain. It can help your brothers and sisters begin to heal themselves.

We’re talking about the power that created and continues to create all that is. Each of you individually, coming from a place of love, have the power to heal yourselves and the world.

You may not know exactly how or when you do it. You may never see the results. But know you have the power. For you are God also.

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