The Rose by John Cali

Many years ago one of my favorite songs was The Rose by American singer, Bette Midler. One line of the song has stuck with me down through the years: “It’s the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live.”

A young member of our family died two Saturdays ago, on August 6. His aircraft was shot down over Afghanistan. Alex was loved by many. Here are some of the comments folks made about him:

“I never met somebody who loved to do something as much as he did….He was so selfless. He would give you the shirt off his back, he was a really great guy….He died doing exactly what he loved.”

Another friend said “He was fun, goofy guy” who loved playing practical jokes.

Alex’s mother said “He was a fantastic young man and he was doing exactly what he loved.”

The picture emerging from the many comments folks made about Alex is that of a joyful young man, doing what he loved, loving life without being scared of dying. He had no fear of life and no fear of death.

Here are a few words from Spirit on the occasion of another death in our family some years ago:

“…if you simply get out of your own way, all good things will flow to you easily and effortlessly. Living (and dying) would be a true joy to you. But most of you have forgotten all that. You have, instead, bought into the mass consciousness, the consciousness of fear.

“You know what we’re talking about — life is dangerous, dying is disaster. And nowhere between life and death do you find any joy. That was never the way your higher selves or God intended you to live.

“You came to this lifetime to experience the vast diversity of life on Planet Earth….the intent was to be a joyful creator, picking and choosing among all the glorious choices and opportunities available to you.

“Life is supposed to be good. It’s supposed to be fun. Fear — either of living or dying — is not supposed to be part of this.

“Yet fear is a part of your lives….that’s because you’ve surrendered to the mass consciousness. And you’ve abandoned the wisdom you carried with you when you incarnated.

“You don’t have to run scared. Instead, choose to run joyfully.”

Do you ever find yourself afraid of living, scared of dying? Please comment below.

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  1. John Cali

    Thanks again, Shirl. I appreciate your kind words.

    That is such a profound fact — we are not our bodies. Most anyone on a spiritual path knows that, but many find it hard to integrate it into their lives in a way that works for them.

    Love you too,

  2. Shirl

    Thanks John. What actually started me on my total change over to enjoying every moment of this life was when I fully and completely understood that I AM NOT MY BODY. We are not our bodies. That is just the vehicle we reside in during our tour of 3D earth in this moment of time.

    It is something I continually remind others of in hopes that it will bring them a similar "AH HA" moment to know who they are is so much more than this physical vehicle.

    Thanks for the great topics you present to us in your blog. They are important and helpful to us all no matter where we might be in our journey.

    Love ya

  3. John Cali

    Thank you very much, Shirl, for your wise, perceptive comments. I cannot add anything, except to say I completely agree and resonate with all you said.

    Big hugs,

  4. Shirl

    Apparently I came into this lifetime knowing (remembering) that there is no "death." The end of this physical life is just a step through the open door into the next phase of continuing life.

    Even as a young person I could not really understand why it is that people so fear death, especially when all those around me professed to believe that "life" continues on after that transition we call death.

    Certainly I miss those I have been close to when they move from this 3D life to another realm or dimension of existence. We all do. It is our missing their physical presence in our lives that brings us grief or sadness. So really it is about us, not about them moving on.

    I have found over the years that those of family and friends that have left the earth life find ways and means to check in with me and let me know they love me and all is well.

    In as much as we really do create our own reality here, when I finally got that and decided to live my time here in JOY and GRATITUDE reaching out to the world around me with love and acceptance. . .everything changed.

    It truly can be a joyous and fulfilling adventure here on the earth, we only have to choose it. There is nothing to fear ever. We are divinely protected, and we know that what we focus on is what we get. When we focus on fears, of anything, that is exactly what we are calling to us. Instead focusing on Love and Joy and the wonders of this earth "experiment" brings a life that is filled with fun, surprises, joy at just being.

    For me, death is certainly nothing to fear. And all in all, I really cannot align with anything that is fearful in life. We are here to experience. I have chosen to experience as much as possible with Joy and anticipation of a great, exciting life.

    Blessings and Hugs

  5. John Cali

    Fun is good. Funny is even better. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    "A person isn't happy unless he/she comes close to dying about once a day." Can't remember where or from whom I read that, but it does seem to be true. So, yes, I get scared when it happens; then I laugh at myself (after a bit of reflection) and carry on. Life really can be fun, not to mention funny.

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