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It doesn’t matter how you celebrate this holiday season—with Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Winter Solstice, Chinese New Year, etc. etc. Or even if you don’t celebrate the season at all. But I think most of us would agree this is the season to celebrate the spirit of love.


Because animals are naturally uninhibited, they express themselves far more clearly than most humans. This is particularly true when they demonstrate love for the humans in their lives.

Animals are fully present in every moment. And they live only in the moment. That’s all any of you have anyway. What you call the past or the future are all wrapped up in the present moment.

The greatest gift you can give others (human or not) is to know you (and all beings) are God, to live fully in each moment as your divine essence. You can give no greater treasure than this.

Then you will be celebrating and allowing the miracle of love. You will be living the spirit of love. There is no better time of year to do that than during this holiday season—no matter how you celebrate, or even if you do not celebrate.

Then live that miracle and spirit of love all year round.

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You might not associate love with bomber pilots. But you’ll love this fascinating story. It clearly demonstrates the spirit and miracle of love.

The storyteller is the legendary newsman, Tom Brokaw. The bomber pilot in the story is also a legendary figure. This video is longer than we normally prefer. But I think you’ll find the surprise ending well worth the wait.


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