When Will You Die? Follow-up by John Cali

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When Will You Die?, our article from two weeks ago, generated some interesting feedback from our readers, all of it positive. Except for one email.

John Cali

Here’s that one email, exactly as I received it — except it was in all-capital letters. In email lingo that’s called “shouting.”

“Do you always need to be so negative and morbid?

“Can’t you ever share a positive, uplifting, spirit empowering message to help us feel joy in our day?

“There are so many sad and depressing, doom and gloom messages out there, generated by the dark. Why do you have to add to them?

“Who wants to read something like this when we are all just barely hanging in here, waiting for the ascension and divine changes. Praying, and hoping we will be here to experience the wondrousness to come. How does it help anyone to read about death. Who cares???

“I mean really, come on, think about it John!!!”

I’ll assume the letter writer is male — he didn’t give me a name. (I advise against that, as I’m inclined to ignore folks who won’t identify themselves. But I made an exception in this case.)

Apparently he was more upset by Spirit’s comments than mine. (By the way, I do not censor Spirit’s words. I just give you what I get.)

I find it strange this person should ask if we “. . . always need to be so negative and morbid?” I wondered if he’d even read the same article all the others had.

Over the years people have consistently commented that Spirit’s messages are so joyful and uplifting. However, we certainly have our critics. When you put yourself out to the public, you’re not going to please all the people all the time. But the critics are a small minority of our readers. And they don’t usually stick around very long.

In my opinion, Spirit’s messages can sometimes be stern, but at the same time also uplifting, loving, and positive. Of course, I’m a bit biased.

Enough from me. I’ll let Spirit respond to this person now.

(As a footnote here, I did not expect Spirit to go on as long as they did in what follows. This is the longest Spirit message I can remember in recent years, and it took me by surprise.)

Here’s Spirit.


As John said, we have our critics. Even those who’ve faithfully followed us for years don’t always agree with us. That is as it should be.

We are not here, friends, to convince you our way is the only way. We have always said if anything we say does not resonate with you, then reject it. The only “right” for you is what feels good to you, not what anyone else says.

You certainly have many teachers out there today, all of them of good intent. But you will not be drawn to all of them. Be choosy — follow only those you feel a bond with.

Ultimately, of course — and we’ve also said this for years — your own inner guidance is your absolute highest and best authority, bar none — including Spirit.

You are your own saviors. Period!

When you get that, you won’t be, as our letter writer put it, “just barely hanging in here, waiting for the ascension and divine changes. Praying, and hoping we will be here to experience the wondrousness to come.”

The wondrousness, the time you’ve been waiting for is now. The savior, the one you’ve been waiting for is you.

So many of you have been waiting for 2012, the so-called “ascension.” If you’re doing that, you’ve already “missed the boat.”

Nothing is going to happen in 2012, except 2013 will follow it.

You are already “ascending,” as you call it. You have been ascending for years. Day by day, you’re growing and moving into the higher vibrations, the new energies. You’re doing that right now, as you read these words.

No one is coming to save you. You don’t need to be saved. All you “need” is to remember and acknowledge who you are — God in human form.

It’s time to reclaim your power, to take full responsibility for your lives. It’s time to begin finding more joy, pleasure, and passion in your lives. In so doing, you will find yourselves “ascending” into the higher frequencies, the dimensions from which we speak to you.

The veil is growing thinner. You’ve already begun to ascend. What you call “death” is simply another, and inevitable, step on your eternal journey of joy and growth. Death is not something to be dreaded or feared. It’s a natural part of your journey. You have experienced death many times, and it’s always been a joyful experience.

All is well, friends. Take full responsibility for your lives, for you do create your own realities. The foundation of your being is freedom. You are free to create your lives as you see fit.

Enjoy your freedom. Be your own “savior.” Love yourselves and all others without limit. You’re all interconnected. Put aside your petty differences (and they’re all petty). There is no good or evil. There is only experience, only consciousness.

When you see that as clearly as we do, when you love yourselves as we love you, you will have ascended.

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